How to deal with boredom at work


Millennials tend to get bored easily. If a particular project goes on for too long, or lengthy work hours lead to monotony, employees begin to feel like they are slogging through useless work, work that is simply not doing anything for their professional growth. According to Andreas Elpidorou, a Louisville researcher, “Boredom is an aversive state characterised by dissatisfaction, restlessness, and weariness.” If sustained, boredom has resulted in an employee having less motivation, reduced productivity and lower self worth; in such a case, he needs to sit up and take notice of it before it spells doom for his career. Here's how you can battle boredom at work.

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Make your workspace interesting

Your surroundings have a great influence on your mood, and sitting at a desk that makes you happy every time you look up from your laptop is a lot better than a lifeless, grey cubicle. Decorate your desk with pretty lamps, plants and interesting stationery. If your work environment excites you, you will automatically feel the urge to be more creative and productive.

Beat exhaustion

Maybe you're not bored of work. Maybe you're just exhausted. Fewer hours of sleep and a hectic commute can tire you before you even reach work. This leads to low energy levels and a lack of willingness to complete the day's tasks. Start by eating and sleeping right to beat exhaustion. You can also perform some quick exercises before you leave for work to energise yourself. Requesting your boss to allow you to take a short power nap during the day can do wonders for your productivity.

Master a new skill at work

Are you a product manager who secretly harbors the dream of being a copywriter? If so, spend some time with the copywriters in your company and request them to share their knowledge with you. Help with their projects and assignments whenever time permits. On the other hand, if you love your job profile but are simply bored, you can learn a new language online or any other skill that interests you. Doing this will increase your concentration levels and overall productivity at work.

Become more social

We are social animals, and we cannot get through eight hours every day without having a friendly conversation. If you're struggling to remain focused at work, become a social participant and a team player, even if you are not required to work in a team. Collaborating with your colleagues can do wonders for your sagging spirits. Try to take some time out during your work hours to make new friends at your workplace. Reaching out to people will alleviate your boredom in ways you might not have thought possible.

Use the above mentioned tips to help you beat boredom at work. However, if you're at a soul-crushing job and you've already tried all the above tactics and they've been futile, it's time to put down your papers. Start afresh by choosing a career you like, and kick your boredom to the curb forever.


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