Look out for these top paying jobs in 2017

Look out for these top paying jobs in 2017

Friday March 03, 2017,

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Who wouldn’t fancy getting a paycheck with an enormous amount at the end of the month? The Indian economy has shown some serious changes that have led to the increase in the pay packages of several professions. And by professions we don’t mean the conventional IT job or the one you acquire after fulfilling the great MBA dream.

There are several jobs that help you earn big bucks. These may be simple jobs that have been chosen out of passion. Keep an eye on the skill sets and take the plunge. Make that much needed move and match your skill sets to what’s lucrative in the market right now.

Take a look at these high paying jobs that are sure to pay a handsome salary in 2017.

Chartered accountant

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Chartered accountants are hired for various areas of business and finance. It may include audit, banking, consultancy, financial and business management, and taxation. Clearing a CA exam requires time, effort, and dedication, and the profession could promise a great starting package. The compensation you receive once you are highly skilled and experienced is worth all the effort. Chartered accountants hold good respect in the market, too.

Fashion professional

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The fashion industry is not all about modelling and glam. There are various roles one could take up while making a career out of the fashion industry. Production manager, makeup artist, sales coordinator, fashion designer, model are a few of them.

Investment banker

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The minimum qualification required for an investment banker would be a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, finance, accounting, and statistics. The career path involved would have five levels – analyst, associate, vice president, director, and managing director. Investment bankers are very valued if they possess good analytical and communication skills.


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With the changing trends and creative nature of this profession, architects will always be in demand. Often mistaken to be another field of engineering, architecture is a field wherein one needs to be up to date and creative. Skilled architects can start their own consultancy or set up their own business.

Mobile developer

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Mobile app development jobs are highly popular in India. The minimum qualification required is a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, mobile application development, mobile computing, and computer science. The salary range will depend upon your experience, who you are working for, and what programs you use to develop your apps. The startup scene in India shows considerable promise for mobile developers.

Business consultant

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Business consultants require a bachelor’s degree, but a master’s degree could help in scaling up faster. Additional skills like Six Sigma Black Belt, banking, business process engineering, lean process engineering, and project management may increase your pay scale.

Marketing, management, human resources, and accounting are a few areas of work in this field. If you are interested in business, do consider it!

Social media manager

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Social media managers are high on demand in India. They are responsible for keeping up a brand’s reputation. Communicating through social media channels, implementing marketing strategies for social media sites, understanding how multimedia content works, managing campaigns, and developing relevant content are a few of the roles required of a social media manager.

Have any of these piqued your interest? Feel free to let us know how it goes!

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