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5 tips to choose the perfect dot-com domain name

5 tips to choose the perfect dot-com domain name

Thursday April 06, 2017 , 3 min Read

Choosing the right domain name for your company's website is crucial to its success. Start by registering your domain name with a dot-com extension. There are plenty of domain name extensions you can choose from like .net, .org and even .blog. However, we recommend choosing the dot-com extension as it is by far the most established and credible domain extension. Newer domain extensions like .pizza and .photography can turn out to be untrustworthy in the long run. Here are a few tips to find the perfect dot-com domain name.

Image : shutterstock

Image : shutterstock

Make use of keywords

Today, it is difficult to find a good domain name with the keywords you have in mind as most domain names you can think of might already be taken. You'll need to be creative and blend your keywords with other words to make your domain name stand out. The reason keywords play such an important role in finalising a domain name is because they enable search engines to know what your website is all about and to find your website almost instantly.

Include your location

Many businesses are locally operated and are restricted to specific geographic areas. Using your location in your domain name not only reflects community pride, but it also makes your website more locally relevant for search. Registering location based domain names also helps to boost business from organic searches alone.

Keep it short and relevant

While making use of keywords is important, don't go overboard with your domain length. Having a domain name that is short and memorable will work in your favour because longer domains are harder for users to remember and return to. It is ideal to keep your domain name under 15 characters. Moreover, users will be more prone to making typos while entering longer domain names and this will result in you losing out on precious traffic.

Keep it unique to your brand

Research the kind of domain names your competitors are using and come up with a name that is unique and best suitable for your brand. Using a catchy branded domain name will help your website stand out in the reader's minds at all times. Also, be careful not to accidentally use a trademarked name as you can get accused for copying and plagiarising from other websites.

Fall back on social media to assist you

Many entrepreneurs and businesses start their digital journey on social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It is smart to use the same branding your audience is already familiar with for your domain name. For example, if your Twitter handle is FlowersNBrides and if it is popular amongst your followers, you can point your domain name to your Twitter account for instant recollection in the minds of users.

Finalising on the perfect domain name requires a mix of creativity and flexibility. Use the above tips to find a name that will effortlessly tell the story of your business.