Workplace revolution: key trends changing how work is done in 2017

Workplace revolution: key trends changing how work is done in 2017

Saturday April 15, 2017,

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All businesses need to embrace change if they want to achieve greater heights of success. Change is a constant in today's world, and entrepreneurs who don't adapt to the evolved way of doing things witness setbacks in their business growth. Be it improving accuracy, creating transparency, or simply obtaining data faster to make informed decisions, organisations all across the world are thinking of developed ways to run their business more efficiently. It is already the second quarter of 2017, and it's about time companies embrace the leading trends to get work done swiftly and successfully. Here are three key trends driving business prosperity in 2017. Read on to find out how many of these trends you have adopted.

Image : shutterstock

Image : shutterstock

Companies that are promoting transparency are rapidly gaining customer trust

Consumers today are keen on doing business with those organisations that match their values and belief systems. The only way consumers can know more about a company is when leaders and managers of said company make it a point to implement transparency. We've reached an age where organisations must be open about their goings-on or risk irrelevance. Customer trust cannot be obtained in a fortnight. It is a gradual process that needs a dedicated amount of time and effort by the entrepreneurs responsible for running the company. For starters, companies can communicate their vision with their target audience. By developing a deeper understanding of human nature, companies can create a happier and more dynamic culture.

Flexible processes are being increasingly used to eradicate IT reliance

Companies are making use of processes that are simple to develop and easy to change. These processes can be managed by entrepreneurs themselves and can be updated when required, thus eliminating their conventional reliance on IT. Business leaders are also looking for solutions that allow employees to work on the go and be useful to company operations in real time. Today, customers are also thinking and acting differently and they have different expectations. They want all businesses to function just like their favorite apps. Enterprise software is also beginning to imitate consumer apps, reshaping the role of IT.

A joint emphasis is being placed upon ‘Return on Learning’ (ROL)

The classic ROI model is being improved through the mining of company's operational performance data. This is allowing entrepreneurs to assemble around solutions centered on process, people, and performance. Companies can now discover issues such as process/SOP (standard operating procedure) incompetency and single out teams or individuals who display sub-optimal work, compared to an organisation's set standards. Leaders and executives require this capability to gauge operational performance in real time. With the help of it, administration can view a situation and interfere immediately to diminish and remedy any complications.

As every aspect of work begins to be re-defined, the trends mentioned above will develop at a faster rate. Set your team up for operational prosperity by empowering your company to be its very best in 2017.

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