4 overlooked ways small companies can compete for big talent

4 overlooked ways small companies can compete for big talent

Friday April 14, 2017,

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Big businesses can offer candidates a big brand name, several benefits, and a hefty pay package. So, how can small businesses compete with the big sharks and hire the best talent out there? It's simple. Small businesses should recognise and play their strengths. For example, small businesses have a very limited hierarchy or no hierarchy at all which makes them an appealing option for candidates who are weary of bureaucratic layers. Also, employees tend to get bracketed into a certain job profile in big organisations. In small companies however, employees can try their hand at various tasks and job profiles and improve their learning curve. Here's a list of the four overlooked ways small companies can compete for big talent:

Image : shutterstock

Image : shutterstock

Join hands with other small local companies

Not many companies turn to their community for support when it comes to furthering their business objectives. Small companies can start by networking at local events. At these events, they can look for companies similar to theirs and develop a mutually beneficial relationship. Then, when the time is right, these companies can team up for efficient talent acquisition initiatives like job fairs. Joining efforts leads to a bigger audience of talented applicants.

Hire people with shared goals

Does your company hope to contribute to the world of mobile gaming? If so, circulate on the internet a job posting that clearly states that the position you're offering is for hard-core gaming lovers. When you are successful in attracting the right audience, you will have several candidates with the same passion as yours willing to work for you towards the same goal.

Zero down on your target employees

If you want the best talent to come and work for you, you need to do your research and then approach them with an offer they can't ignore. But what can you offer an employee who is already receiving a big package from a big company? Show your potential candidates that they won't be just another employee in your company and that they are hand-picked by you to make meaningful contributions to their small organisation. If you are successful in making these employees feel like they will be valued more when they work for you, they are bound to leave their cushy jobs in high-rise towers for your small organisation.

Use diversity to your advantage

A lot of candidates look for diversity before agreeing to take up a job with a specific company. Women, for example, look for gender equality in their workplace. While big organisations have a lot on their hands to focus on how many women work for them and how many employees in the company come from different parts of the country, small companies can use diversity to their advantage to attract top talent.

Today, more and more millennials are training their sights on startups and small companies. In addition to the above factors, small companies can also offer perks like remote working and flexible hours to compete for big talent like never before.