How to create trust and keep motivation high at your company


If you want your employees to trust you, you need to encourage them to communicate without fear. This may sound simple in theory, but having an open dialogue also means to allow your employees to talk back to you. When your employees feel like their opinion is valued, they'll be motivated to make bigger and better contributions. Disagreements and arguments are bound to happen between your team members, but how you broker peace without taking sides will decide the work culture of your company. Here are three simple ways in which you can keep the motivation within your company high:

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Involve your team and be transparent

A sure shot way to keep your employee morale and motivation levels high at all times is by making your employees feel valued and involved. Don't simply talk about promoting transparency within your company, act on it. Hold weekly meetings with your staff members and update them on the latest happenings within the organisation. Arrange team meetings to applaud the success of various individuals on the projects they handle and allow seniors to give constructive feedback to those working under them. When employees in a company realise that their work is appreciated, they are bound to put in extra effort in their tasks.

Promote flexibility

Nobody likes to be holed up within four walls for eight hours a day, week after week. Allow your employees to enjoy flexibility at work. If an employee wants to work out of a local cafe one afternoon instead of his cubicle, give him the flexibility to do so. Similarly, if an employee wants to work four hours on one day in order to meet personal commitments, allow him to take leave and complete the work the next day. When employees know that they are trusted enough to complete work as per their own discretion, they are motivated to give their best and this increases their productivity levels. Working remotely allows employees to enjoy their occasional day of freedom. Therefore, employers should draft an HR policy that allows employees to work five-to-seven days from home every month.

Encourage team activities

Your team spends anywhere between 40-45 hours every week together, and it is only right that they get to know each other on a personal level. Keeping professional and personal boundaries in mind, socialising with your employees away from the office environment can help escalate your staff's happiness by creating opportunities for team bonding. Organise a team lunch every once a month to allow your employees to see each other as well as you in a different light. According to Kevin Kniffin, a researcher of organisational behaviour, “Eating together is a more intimate act than looking over an Excel spreadsheet together. That intimacy spills back over into work.”

Entrepreneurs harbour this belief that boosting staff motivation requires a large amount of money. This notion couldn't be more false. Adopt the above tactics to keep your employees satisfied and happy in the long run.


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