Here is why your business needs email marketing

Here is why your business needs email marketing

Wednesday August 30, 2017,

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Lucid and clear communication is the need of the hour in the field of marketing. Some would add, increase in frequency of emails to the equation, and rightly so. While other mediums of marketing, especially social media networks, have been flourishing, with response rates skyrocketing, sending out cleverly crafted emails still retains its top position.

Here are three reasons that should serve to convince you that a flurry of carefully crafted emails, will drive your message through to the target audience.


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It's the most enduring reinforcer

An article on sheds light on how a poor frequency of email notifications may rob you of business, ''Even if they (recipient) want to take advantage of an email offer you sent, they can get pulled into something else before they can take action. And then your offer is often forgotten.''

Do a simple exercise. Go to your inbox and be conscious of the emails that you read and the ones that you skip due to their tone of boredom, coldness of communication or sheer nonsense. In honesty, that would account for most of the spam emails that you receive daily. Now, keep your eyes open for emails that grab your attention, even some that you look forward to. Try and find out what makes them tick? Use your answers to construct equally interesting emails.

It helps you stay connected

Business is all about networking and networking is about staying connected. If you wish to stay on top of the minds of finger of potential investors, buyers, sellers et al., here's where the craft comes in handy. If you choose to send frequent emails but leave them looking like an afterthought or a job that you need to get done, rest assured, your email and its contents will find their way into the recycle bins sooner than you can hear the sound of the ubiquitous mouse click.

If you wish to collaborate with someone, keep it real and personal. Share anecdotes of your organization, little quirks of your workplace, small details of your products in order to keep their interest alive.

Make it rain, but not pouring emails

Nobody likes when their inbox is cluttered with emails. Not only does it require tedious clean up, it can also prove counter-productive. Given, that your presence in their inbox has a direct relationship with your chances for a response, it also has a flipside of being deemed spam. And, you sure don’t want to end in the pit of shame.

Experts believe that convincing adults is no different from talking to your two-year-old. And what is the most sustaining aspect of that - you speak to your child constantly, by way of stories, anecdotes etc. you tell of what is right and what is wrong. When it comes to your consumers, stakeholders etc., you must cover them up in the warm blanket of your emails, but not waterboard them into conceding. Take them to a place where words create magic, logic and knowledge.

According to, “In contrast to a broad-reaching medium aimed at everyone, like billboard, radio and television advertising, an email is personal. This is a one-to-one moment giving you the opportunity to address each customer individually.”