5 soft skills which better your chances at success – no matter the industry

5 soft skills which better your chances at success – no matter the industry

Monday August 28, 2017,

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Hiring managers look for confident people with just the right mix of hard and soft skills to recruit in their workforce. Apart from gauging if a candidate fits the job description, recruiters also look to see if the applicant has it in them to fit within the company's culture and get along with the existing set of employees. While most candidates have what it takes to get the job done, some applicants lack basic soft and hard skills, because of which hiring managers don't consider hiring them.


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If you're looking to get hired, evaluate if you possess the below mentioned skills. If you don't, start working on acquiring them if you want to succeed in today's workforce.

Team player

Employers prefer to hire people who work well with others as no one wants to deal with a loner at the workplace. When an employee has effective communication skills, and can work with others from different cultures and backgrounds, they automatically inspire and motivate people to do their best. In addition, a team player also has a greater chance of advancing their career and being considered for the next promotion.

Conflict resolver

With higher stress levels than ever at most work places, more and more conflicts arise between colleagues, eventually making the working environment strained. Amidst all this tension, when an employee is able to resolve conflicts before they flare up, they become the go-to person for their boss. Remember, conflict resolution is essentially the art of finding the right words, so neither party feels like the resolver has been partial to the other.

Tech savvy

The use of computers and technology is inevitable in any business. Hence, employers place high value on familiarity with computers. Apart from having basic computer skills, employers also expect job applicants to be good with basic computer operating systems, spreadsheet and word processing programmes, as well as copiers, printers, faxes and other office equipment.

Communication skills

In addition to mastering basic technical skills, you should also brush up your communication skills, as they are critical to advancing your career. No matter how good an employee looks on their resume, if they are unable to communicate a complex thought in an effective manner, all the other skills are of no use. A person needs to be able to function in an information-sharing environment to succeed.


If you aren't inquisitive to know how things work, you'll never grow as a person or advance in your career. If you want to be successful in any business, you need to be flexible and open to learning new things. A person who is constantly attempting to evolve is more likely to bag the next promotion than a person who considers their education done and over with.

As you cultivate and master these five basic skills, you'll create a career you want now and in the long run. The workplace today is a multifaceted environment, and you need to be versatile too if you want to succeed.

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