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7 tips to monsoon-proof your vehicle

7 tips to monsoon-proof your vehicle

Saturday September 02, 2017,

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Monsoon in India comes as a much-needed respite from the blistering heat of the summer months. The romance of the rains and cups of hot chai and pakoras notwithstanding, the rainy season also means potholes, clogged roads and hour-long traffic jams. Often, vehicles bear the brunt of the bad weather. The lack of a good car or two-wheeler insurance cover against the damages only compounds the problem. A little preparation in advance can go a long way in helping you prevent unnecessary financial burden and stress. Here are some things that you can do o monsoon-proof your vehicle.

Just ensure that your vehicle has undergone service so that any mechanical issues can be taken care of before the rainy season.

Keep off water-logged roads

It is always advisable to stop driving/riding if you’re in an area that is water-logged to avoid unnecessary damages to your vehicle. Even restarting your vehicle or pushing it in such areas might damage the engine or the electrical system. The worst part is that your standard car insurance or two-wheeler insurance may be insufficient to cover the cost of repairs in such cases.

Don’t tire the tyres

They’re in direct contact with the road, so it’s only fair to check on them before anything else. Tyre treads are meant to disperse water, so having a good tread depth is critical for the monsoon season. This will give you a good grip on the slippery roads, especially on those highways. So if the treads are worn out, your best bet is to get a new set of tyres.

Wipe it clean

Lack of visibility is one of the main causes of accidents and collisions during the rains. Exposure to heat damages the car’s windshield wipers. So as a rule, get the wipers changed after every summer to ensure clear visibility during a downpour. If you’re a biker, gift yourself a good helmet with a clear visor. Avoid tinted ones which only work when the sun is out. In addition, getting a depreciation cover for your vehicle will take care of all the repair and replacement costs that you may otherwise have to bear yourself.

Keep your brakes in check

Heavy rains mean slippery roads and loss of grip. At times like these, your brakes need to be reliable. The brake liners need to be properly lubricated to avoid snapping due to friction. Your brakes have to work twice as hard at the time, so get them checked by qualified personnel. You might end up needing fresh brake pads, discs or a change of brake fluid.

Say no to rust

Moisture, in general, tends to take a toll on the vehicle. The worst thing in these conditions is to drape your car/bike in a cover. This will only cause the rust to set in sooner. Instead, try stilt parking or park somewhere with decent ventilation. If there’s rust, rust-removal powders can help. Mud flaps behind your tyres will also ensure that your vehicle stays clean.

Give your tool kit an update

We all have a basic tool kit stocked in our vehicles. But come monsoon, there have to be a few additions. If you don’t already have one, ensure that you get yourself a powerful flashlight and some length of rope, just in case you need to be towed. Waterproof gear like raincoats and a pair of sturdy boots may also come in handy!

Insure your vehicle

If you don’t already have a general insurance cover for your vehicle, you should definitely explore the options offered by Bharti-AXA General Insurance. Even with a general insurance cover you still need to cover more ground. A standard car insurance or two-wheeler insurance will not cover any damages to your engine or other system repairs. An engine cover add-on insurance will ensure that any damage to the engine due to hydrostatic lock or otherwise, will not have to be borne out of your own pocket.

Apart from these, you can also opt for the 24*7 roadside assistance cover to get round-the-clock spot assistance. So if you’re caught with a flat tyre, an empty fuel tank or any other emergency - there’s always someone reliable you can reach out to.

Bharti-AXA General Insurance is one of India’s leading insurance companies. They believe that insurance plays an important role in safeguarding society against unforeseen circumstances.