Looking for your dream job? Here is a checklist to help you

Looking for your dream job? Here is a checklist to help you

Tuesday October 31, 2017,

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Every individual wants a dream job. After all, over the course of our lifetimes, we’ll spend about 90,000 hours at the workplace. That’s a lot of time to waste doing something you don’t enjoy or are not passionate about. While zeroing down on an ideal career is not a walk in the park, it isn’t impossible either. You need to start by identifying what you love doing to maximize your job search and get yourself on your desired career path.

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Image: Shutterstock

Here are five steps you should follow to find the career you love:

Recognize your strengths

Make a list of your top strengths. A self-analysis will help you figure out exactly what kind of career and work environment will be best for you. If you find a career that is suited to your strengths, you’ll be happier, as you’re bound to be good at it. For instance, if you love stringing words together to make impactful sentences, a career in copy or content writing can be a good choice for you. However, you have to be cautious – something that you like isn’t always your dream job. You have to feel passionate about it.

Give yourself a reality check

Your dream job should be something you enjoy doing. Before you accept any job offer that comes your way, ask yourself this one question – would you do this for free? If the answer is yes, then you can be sure that you’re on the right path. Instead of leaving you tired and fatigued, your dream job is supposed to make you happy and energized. If you aren’t satisfied by your day-to-day professional life, there is little chance that you will succeed.

Create a list of jobs that you’re interested in

Start by articulating what you want in a job. Figure out the top five things your dream job should have. Whether it is a hefty paycheck, a happening culture, or a specific job position, make a list of the top five things that will motivate you to take up employment in a company. The goal you are chasing is important. Use these criteria to guide you in your search. When you have clarity on what you want, you’ll have an easier time targeting opportunities that match your skills.

Try something new

Attend workshops, read books, take classes, watch online tutorials, and urge yourself to try something new. When you invest time in getting to know yourself better, you find out what you’re passionate about. It can be coding, graphic design, content writing, or something else entirely. For all you know, a new hobby can lead to an entirely new career.

Get an internship

Once you have narrowed down on one or two things that you’d like to do for the rest of your life, try to secure an internship in those industries. For instance, if you want to be a graphic designer, apply for an internship in a digital or advertising agency. An internship will allow you to give your career choice a trial run to ensure you’re on the right path.

While there isn’t a magic trick that can help you find the right career, focus on the above-mentioned tips to better your chances of finding your dream job.

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