5 podcasts every entrepreneur needs to listen to for business inspiration

5 podcasts every entrepreneur needs to listen to for business inspiration

Monday October 30, 2017,

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As an entrepreneur, your time is of great essence, and that's why you need to spend it wisely. No matter how busy your schedule may be, you need to make time to learn new things and up your game. While books are a great source of knowledge, one cannot deny the fact that reading is time-consuming, and you cannot multi-task while you're concentrating on a book. Podcasts, on the other hand, provide rich information from experts, and you can listen to them while you're on the go. However, with thousands of options, it is difficult to identify which podcasts are worth your time and which aren't.

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Image: Shutterstock

Here are five podcasts every entrepreneur should listen to:

How I Built This

This podcast focuses on people who’ve built something great and talks about their failures, successes, and the mistakes they’ve made along the way. This podcast brings to light the journey of various entrepreneurs, innovators, and idealists. Some of the most notable episodes include the one about BuzzFeed, the story about Instagram with Kevin Systrom, and the Airbnb episode with Joe Gebbia.

The Tim Ferris Show

From celebrities to self-made billionaires, Ferris has had influential and successful individuals from a variety of fields on his show. He does a fabulous job interviewing world-renowned authors, influencers, and the likes. Through his episodes, he distills their experiences, understands their mental framework, and breaks down the information into practical, easy-to-digest chunks. If you're looking for a dose of inspiration, tune in to his show.

Online Marketing Made Easy

Do you want to grow your email list? Are you looking to successfully launch and promote a new programme? If the answer is yes, you need to listen to this podcast hosted by Amy Porterfield. On her show ‘Online Marketing Made Easy’, she shows you how you can monetize your online marketing and blogging efforts to build your authority and get more leads. Topics range from webinar recordings and video marketing to new content creation on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The Startup

All budding entrepreneurs need to listen to The Startup by Gimlet Media as it covers the stories behind startups and newbie entrepreneurs who are trying to make something of themselves. This podcast covers the positive and negative aspects of being an entrepreneur. The most notable episodes of this podcast include the story about the origin of Twitch and the episode about the rise and fall of American Apparel.

The James Altucher Show

Best known for his Altucher Confidential blog, James Altucher is a best-selling author who also runs a podcast that is named after him. In each episode, he interviews a wide variety of influential guests and gets them to talk about how entrepreneurs can make their business as well as life better. If you’re struggling emotionally with business or life, this is just the podcast for you.

The above-mentioned five podcasts are the cream of the crop. Listen to them to gain abundance knowledge on business, marketing, sales, and more.

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