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Stay motivated and happy at work with these pointers

Stay motivated and happy at work with these pointers

Friday October 27, 2017 , 4 min Read

Even roller coasters can get dull and boring after a while. And work, with all its repetitions, politics, expectations and competitions can hold up its image of excitement and novelty for an even shorter while. It's not just a social commentary when you see stock TV images of bored employees, dully stubbing keyboards and drained out by the monotony; work life can get to you.

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

The need of the hour is to find ways to stay motivated and inspired despite being stuck under debris of soul-sucking work. Here are a few ways to do just that.

Set short-term goals

Entrepreneur Adam Toren says, "At the start of each day, make a short list of goals to fulfill by evening. They should be achievable and highly productive relative to your long-term goals. Everyone loves the feeling of crossing something off their check list; this will definitely give you a sense of purpose and keep you motivated and on track throughout the day."

Crossing the finishing line is great and what's better is marking that line yourself. Writing down your goals on paper will give you a sense of direction and crossing them over will give you a sense of achievement, two things that will give you enough energy to make the day without feeling a tomb of emptiness build inside you.

Have a morning ritual that you enjoy

Nothing is more wonderful than doing something that you actually like doing. Sitting on the porch and looking at the morning birds, doing a bit of gardening, walking the dogs or spending time with your partner, whatever your activity of joy, try to make time for it before you surrender your time - a.k.a life - at the daunting gates of your corporation. The early morning retreat will keep you in line with your objectives and hurdles.

Get yourself a mind-partner

According to an article on, "Join forces with someone from your entrepreneurial community, a friend or family member to update on your progress and bounce your energy off. The right person will help you push through when times get tough and celebrate your wins by your side."

Taking a leaf out of daily soap operas, this whole everyone-needs-a-shoulder-to-cry-on has the capacity to ferry you over the tough times. So in times of peril or frustration you really do need a person that can understand you and offer you guidance. But once you have found that person, ensure you don't turn them into your emotional landfill or be overly dependent on them to lift your sinking spirit. That's your job; they are just a steady passer-by.

Self-discipline is the name of the game

Self-discipline is your best friend but until it is that, it's your worst nightmare. See, you have to understand the psychology behind your aversion towards discipline. For most individuals, this dislike for the 'verb' discipline begins either at home with dominating parents or in school, where teachers always blamed your poor marks for your lack of self-discipline but never ventured into explaining how the two are connected.

Such instances affect our ability to inculcate traits such as self-recognition and self-discipline. And over years this leads to our inability (more accurately, our unwillingness) to organise our thoughts, emotions and ultimately bring confusion and chaos into our lives. This is a highly demotivating factor and strains our spirit of its abundance and vibrancy. In order to conquer this, start slow.

At work, you can begin with keeping your desk organised along with folders in your computers. You can train yourself into taking care of an indoor plant or reading a book for a certain length of time. This will boost your organisational skills and this new-found inspiration can be applied to other things as well.

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