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5 times when Boman Irani proved that it’s never too late to dream

5 times when Boman Irani proved that it’s never too late to dream

Saturday November 25, 2017,

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By debuting in his 40s in an industry that places a high premium on youth, Boman Irani has certainly changed the rules and how! He has managed to fit into every character he plays with ease; be it the quirky Viru Sahastrabuddhe aka Virus in 3 Idiots, the evil Kishen Khurana in Khosla ka Ghosla or the much-loved character of Dr. Asthana in Munnabhai MBBS.

Coming from a modest background with the odds stacked against him as a rank outsider, Boman’s foray into the cinema industry hasn’t been easy. But not once did he allow his daily struggle to feed his family take away his acting dream. Unconventional, honest and passionate – that’s Boman for you.

Here are a few instances when he proved that it is passion that drives success.

  1. When studies weren’t a priorityToday, Boman has a certain standing in cinema, where his career is just a decade and a half old. But his love for the movies began during his schooldays, when, as a dyslexic child swimming against the tide, he would rather watch a movie than do his homework. He had a strong supporter in his mother, whose constant encouragement and belief in his passion encouraged him to pursue his dream.
  2. When he waited tables at the Hotel Taj Mahal
  3. Post-school, Boman worked as a waiter at the legendary Taj in Colaba. But two years into it, he realised that it just wasn’t going to cut it. He knew he was destined for something far more creative..
  4. When shopkeeping had him for 14 years
  5. Boman later had to take over the family wafer shop and run the business. Instead of resigning himself to it, he continued to dream of a creative career. He tried his hand at writing during his spare hours but could not turn it into anything significant.
  6. When photography became his life
  7. Though he might have wanted to be in front of the camera, after a good 14 years of shopkeeping, Boman found his creative outlet in photography. His persuasive powers and passion got him good photographic assignments, particularly sports photography. This stage of his career lasted for almost two decades. And, given is dedication, his dream at that time was to become a part of the National Geographic team!
  8. When theatre happened
  9. Boman got closer to his acting dream when choreographer Shiamak Davar introduced him to theatre legend Alyque Padamsee, his mentor and guru. His first play didn’t do too well, but the second, I’m Not Bajirao, turned things around for him and eventually led to his first Bollywood break.

This is just a tiny glimpse into Boman’s success story. Come and listen to this intelligent and interesting actor’s journey from waiting at tables to a respected veteran of some 80 films. Join him at the Signature Start-Up Masterclass series, which is happening in Gurgaon on Sunday, November 26, 2017.

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