Managing your team post-company crisis – a 5-point action plan

Managing your team post-company crisis – a 5-point action plan

Thursday November 23, 2017,

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Despite a company’s best efforts, difficult issues arise and accidents happen. If they are handled responsibly, the company can get back on its feet again. If not, the company turns into a sinking ship that everyone wants to get out of. When a crisis hits a company, along with the core management team, the other employees get affected as well. This is when managers need to take charge of the situation so that employees do not panic and spread rumours.

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

Here are a few tips on how managers can take care of their team after a company has survived a crisis situation:

Reach out to your team members

If your company has recently overcome a major crisis, it’s possible that your team members are nervous about the way forward. If you find that a particular employee is stressed, give him/her the day off. Don’t miss subtle cues about how people are feeling and take prompt action when you spot something amiss. Many people find it tough to reach out to others. Give these individuals some respite by reaching out to them first.

Ask your team members to share their honest opinions

Let your team members know that you plan to seek their input about the crisis situation your company faced. Give them a few days to organize their thoughts. When you wait till the smoke has cleared, you give your team members an opportunity to reflect on what happened and gain perspective.

Don’t sugarcoat the situation

Employees are the pillars of any organization. If your company is still dealing with the after-effects of the crisis situation, inform your team members about the same. Sugar-coating the situation will only make things worse. Let your team know that the core management is doing everything in its power to help the company bounce back. If they find out the reality of a situation from an outside source, they’ll lose faith in the company.

Refocus on company projects

If your company has recently overcome a crisis situation, as a team leader, your focus should be on getting your team back to normalcy and resuming business life as usual. The only way to regain the confidence of your staff is by showing them that the company has survived the hit and moved on. Refocusing on your business goals and values will keep people from dwelling on the crisis situation.

Cultivate good will

Thank your team members for standing by you and the company through the crisis. Let them know that their support and faith in the company is much appreciated. Act honourably and transparently. Make your employees aware of the benefits the company has offered them in the past and communicate to them how the organization needs its best employees, now more than ever, to get back on its feet.

A crisis situation is a true test of your leadership. Use the above-mentioned measures to help your team bounce back and resume normalcy after a company crisis.

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