Bengaluru goes to Netherlands to build the first global search engine for Aerospace


Bengaluru-based startup Stelae Technologies has entered into a partnership with Netherlands-based Satsearch to build the first global search engine for the Aerospace industry. Through this partnership, the companies aim to leverage unique software and expertise to deliver next-generation engineering tools, and support the development of complex aerospace systems.

Aruna Schwarz, Founder and CEO, Stelae Technologies

"To be able to drive design choices and develop systems, Aerospace engineers have to understand what is available in the market. Figuring this out is an arduous task that often involves 'Googling' for products, scouring supplier websites, and trying to extract information from highly unstructured data sheets. Not only does this lead to a colossal waste of precious engineering man-hours, it also renders it virtually impossible for engineers to be sure that they have picked the right products," a press statement from the companies said.

In this context, Satsearch and Stelae Technologies are poised to lay the foundation for enterprises to power innovation through Data-Driven Design. Satsearch claims its technology stack can be applied to non-space sectors, offering a scalable solution that captures supply chain and design data to enterprises that manage complex engineering processes.

Satsearch, a global company based out of Delft, The Netherlands, was founded by Kartik Kumar. Satsearch aims to capture the landscape of the space sector by building a comprehensive and independent search engine that indexes all the products and services within the global industry. The platform provides users with parametric search capabilities to enable complex data querying and visualisation. 

Stelae Technologies is a software vendor, founded in September 2002 by Aruna Schwarz, with an aim to develop and commercialise software solutions in the document intelligence sector. The company provides automated conversion solutions for multiple categories of content.

Its flagship product Khemeia is a cloud-based technology that transforms unstructured information into structured enriched content ready for indexing. This enables customers to provide users with an enhanced search experience and re-utilise their content for different output types including web, print and hand-held devices.

Initially bootstrapped, the company had raised an undisclosed amount in 2008 through a pre-series A round of funding led by Earlsfield Capital, UK, Saha Fund, former Infosys veteran Mohandas Pai and other cross-border angel investors.

In a previous interaction with YourStory, Aruna had said,

"Our uniqueness is in the different algorithms in the software. We have about 70 of them that analysis content exactly like the human eye, it recognises titles, paragraphs, images and more."


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