[Monday Wrap] From affordable diagnostics, to predicting future performance of companies, and a mattress in a box

[Monday Wrap] From affordable diagnostics, to predicting future performance of companies, and a mattress in a box

Monday May 28, 2018,

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Anyone who has ever been admitted to the hospital can testify that the food is something that needs improvement. Vijay Surya thought so too. He decided to combine nutrition and innovation to help hospitals give their patients a healthy alternative or substitute to regular hospital meals. Started in 2014, Nutriparadise is a B2B food company that produces nutritious food products for hospitalised patients. 

Nutriparadise Team

Pooja Rao, when she met entrepreneur-and-AI expert Prashant Warrier, founded Qure.ai in Mumbai in 2016. Qure.ai was founded to address the need for affordable and accessible diagnostics using deep learning technology. Qure.ai’s algorithms help doctors and radiology centres be more efficient and more accurate with their diagnosis.

Pooja Rao, founder, Qure.ai

Einfolge Technologies, founded by Ruhan Rajput and Binod Singh in 2014, runs an active platform that allows researchers to use patent analytics and market research fields to help them discover their research patent worthiness. The platform helps clients to streamline operations, reduce cost and enhance business efficiencies through its expert solutions. The firm will be doubling its manpower, from the current number of 30, in the next two years.

From left - Binod and Ruhan

India has a housing problem. It is rather acute when it comes to affordable housing or low-cost homes. To solve this, Brick Eagle was was set up in 2011 by a former banker. It was meant to be an incubator-cum-accelerator for “mom-and-pop” builders. Brick Eagle’s present goal is to incubate 20 local developers in 20 cities by 2020, and deliver one million affordable homes by 2030. The construction has just begun.

Rajesh Krishnan, Co-founder & CEO, Brick Eagle

Running Phoenix Mail Services, a logistics company, was not an easy task for Chander Verma. He was dealing with a lot of legal problems when it came to delivery across India. After spending a lot of money and not receiving proper help, he decided to try to find a solution on his own. He started plunes.com, a utility network/aggregator of lawyers and doctors. The website helps users stay connected with partnered lawyers and doctors of their choice, anywhere, anytime.

Chander Verma, Founder, Plunes

After a long day, the one thing most crave is the comfort of the bed, and here, the mattress you use goes a long way in ensuing rest and relaxation. In this already-crowded market, making the right choice is no mean task. Mumbai-based SleepyCat has come up with the concept of mattress-in-a-box, where a mattress can be ‘boxed’ compactly for easy delivery. Started by Kabir Siddiq in 2017 in Bengaluru, SleepyCat’s mattresses are orthopedic, and have removable covers to maintain hygiene.

Kabir Siddiqui, Founder and CEO, SleepyCat

Mahidhara Davanagere (36) is not your average entrepreneur. He travels across Europe and Africa helping commodity companies figure their future cash flows. Mahidhara uses an actuarial approach to accounting. His startup, Pramartha, is an analytics platform that uses actuarial sciences to tell clients their expected performance in the future by taking into account macro data of the economy, and combining it with global business data and the capital invested, by the company in the market.

Founder of Pramartha, Mahidhara D

While voiceless communication that include chatbots and messages are growing and taking over the way we communicate, voice calls and communications still play a significant part. Hence, cloud telephony still plays a significant role in enterprise communications. Exotel is a cloud telephony platform, which helps companies manage their customer communication over voice calls and messaging. 

Shivakumar Ganesan, Founder and CEO, Exotel

Nisheeth Kumar believes that in many Indian organisations, hiring is looked at as an administrative activity, while top organisations around the world see it as a differentiator, and as a competitive advantage that enables them to attract, hire, and retain top talent. Keeping this in mind, Gurugram-based UniHyr, founded by Nisheeth in 2016, aims to solve 'the hiring problem' using innovative technology and business models.

Team UniHyr

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