The Toyota Yaris is here to bring back the joys of driving!

The Toyota Yaris is here to bring back the joys of driving!

Thursday June 14, 2018,

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Think back to when driving used to be a fun experience, to when you could head out on long drives, and actually use the time to catch up on your favourite music, or simply reflect on life. However, in current times, being in the driver’s seat is more about focusing on how to safely get from Point A to Point B, amidst chaotic and unexpected traffic situations. Fun is definitely the last thing on your mind, when your entire focus is on ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

Here is where the Yaris, the luxury sedan from Japanese auto giant Toyota, takes driving back to the good old days. Apart from its sleek design, focus on comfort and safety and intuitive technology, the Yaris knows the sense of comfort that stems from control. It hands the reins to the driver and manoeuvres smoothly through any scenario - be it long drives, tricky slopes, bad roads, traffic jams or even driving uphill. It easily takes on new challenges on every road, with its segment leading features as detailed below:

Powerful, efficient engine and better outputs: The Dual-VVT-i helps match engine performance with driving conditions, and offers low speed torque and high-speed horsepower, efficient idling and low-speed cruising, and maximum high-speed power output. The 7-Speed Sport Sequential Shift feature enables manual control of the CVT-i resulting in shorter shift times and better and faster response to driving conditions. The six-speed manual transmission facilitates easy gear shifts and quick acceleration. The 7-Speed Super CVT-i, and engine integrated control allows for smoother transmissions between speeds and more linear start. While the enhanced flex lock-up control helps save fuel when decelerating, this combined with reduced emissions, is there to keep the car environmentally aware.

7-Speed Super CVT-i

All this works like a symphony to reduce fatigue and enhance your driving comfort making it an all-round fun sedan with the perfect sensibilities.

Enhanced safety features for better control: The Yaris brings enhanced safety features into play that offer the driver better control of the vehicle and provides ample margin for varying driving habits with its intuitive control systems. These include the Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC), which temporarily applies brakes on slopes to prevent the vehicle from rolling downhill when the driver switches from the brake to the accelerator pedal. The Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), which selectively controls the brakes and engine output to help the driver maintain control, and helps prevent wheels from slipping sideways when turning a corner sudden steering and thus helps the driver to control the vehicle; the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), which keeps the vehicle steerable during sudden braking; and the Brake Assist (BA) features, which compensates for the lack of braking force during emergency braking. This ensures that you are better equipped to handle any unexpected traffic situation.

All Wheel Disc Brakes: All four wheels of the Yaris come with disc brakes, which offer better brake balance under various situations when compared to drum brakes and facilitates more effective ABS operations and consistent braking power. The Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) controls the brake according to driving conditions and properly distributes the braking force. These enhanced braking capabilities make driving a Yaris a lot safer.

Disc brakes in all tyres

Controls at your fingertips, literally: Talk about intuitive, the Yaris’ smart entry system allows you to unlock the vehicle by simply pushing a button. As long as the key is in your pocket, you can start your Yaris with no effort; like it’s been expecting you.

Smart keyless entry system

Steering infotainment controls: The steering wheel in the Yaris hosts a control panel that offers intuitive access to infotainment system, multi-information display controls and calling operations. So instead of getting distracted to change the volume, or answer phone calls, it allows you to focus more on driving. What’s more, the first in segment Gesture Control feature allows you to control the infotainment system with simple gestures making it a breeze to control infotainment on the go.

Infotainment with gesture control and navigation

Cruise Control and 8-way Power Driver Seat: Keeping the drivers comfort and convenience in mind has always been a USP for Toyota and the Yaris takes this attribute to the next level. The cruise control feature allows you to maintain the speed of the vehicle via the steering wheel, without pressing the accelerator pedal, and comfortably enjoy long drives. As an added feature for the comfort of the driver, the 8-way Power Driver Seat enables you to easily find the perfect driving position with just the push of a button.

8 way adjustable Power Driver Seat

The Yaris clearly has a lot to offer when it comes to control, and that adds a sense of power to your drive. It’s boosted further with the Toyota assurance of quality, durability and reliability (QDR). Along with these, a high focus on safety, low maintenance cost, long product life cycles, superior customer support and efficient after-sales services, affordable finance schemes and expedient deliveries ensure that you remain a happy Toyota customer.

Live the Toyota experience – Test drive the Yaris here.