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[Monday Wrap] From an 18-year-old who started up with Rs 5,000 to tracking your child's progress at school - your startup fix to start the week

[Monday Wrap] From an 18-year-old who started up with Rs 5,000 to tracking your child's progress at school - your startup fix to start the week

Monday August 20, 2018 , 4 min Read

Keen to start up but don't know when and where to begin? Here's a story that can't fail to inspire. This 18-year-old coder launched a startup with Rs 5,000, and reported revenues of Rs 1 crore in 3 years. Hussain Saify runs HackerKernel, one of Bhopal’s leading startups that provides mobile and web application development services to startups and enterprises all over the world.

The Founders of HackerKernel: (L-R) Hussain Saify, Rithik Soni, Yash Dabi

For a long time, design was restricted to only aesthetics. But the growth of technology has led to an evolution in the role of design. Enter UX startup Redd, which makes business impact by making functionality, not aesthetics, its focus. The brainchild of Sharan Grandigae, former design manager at Adobe Systems (India), it specialises in designing “version 1.0” products, where a product/ service/ software is designed from scratch without any prior overlays.

The Redd team specialises in designing 'version 1.0' products

Need that DL but without the hassle? HatUpQ can come to your rescue. Founded by Nikhil Kumar and Jiwan Pradhan, the Bengaluru-based startup helps people get essential documents like driving licences, passports, and PAN cards easily. It also helps with the renewal of these documents. The team claims revenue of Rs 12 lakh over nine months, having serviced over 709 customers.

Nikhil Kumar and Jiwan Pradhan, the Founders of HatUpQ

Most parents worry about their child's progress in school. Gaurav Mundra and Madhup Bansal, who have engineering and management backgrounds, thought of building a solution around this particular problem. Their Jaipur-based startup is helping schools update parents on their child's progress in real time. EduCommerce's cloud-based technology platform lets information be shared between a school, parents and the children, regardless of the device.

Gaurav Mundra and Madhup Bansal are tackling parents' worries regarding children's progress in school

Everyone is a tourist, but very few people are travellers. That's why Jaipur-based ToRoots Explorers is looking to create unique travel experiences, and uncover the unexplored. Founded by Naveen Kumar Meena and Mohit Sharma, the tourism startup brings together travel bloggers and agencies that specialise in planning offbeat travel experiences and hosting travellers in remote areas.

The Founders of ToRoots Explorers: Naveen Kumar Meena and Mohit Sharma

Started by two women and staffed entirely by women, this startup is Pursu-ing the accessories market. Founded by sisters and fashionistas Sulagna Kapoor and Debsena Chakraborty, Pursu, which offers bags in various styles like totes, satchels, and clutches among others, has reportedly served around 600 customers so far, and of these, almost 32 percent are referrals.

Sulagna Kapoor and Debsena Chakraborty want customers to identify with Pursu

Most marketing budgets these days make way for a brand new category: influencers. Influencers are now helping brands reach new audiences and create greater awareness. But how do you find the right social influencer, one who puts out the best content online and is part of the most interesting social conversations? Delhi-based Chtrbox tech predicts an influencer’s real influence. Founded by Pranay Swarup and Rohit Raj, in 2016, the startup leverages technology to make influencer marketing intelligent, automated, and cost-effective for brands.

Pranay Swarup, Co-founder and CEO of marketing tech startup Chtrbox

Lenders and credit institutions check CIBIL scores – that range from 300 to 900 – before evaluating any borrower’s loan application. a low score could mean no loan or unattractive terms. Enter Rupeelend, which with its AI-powered tech, can get you a loan even if you have a low CIBIL score. Founded by Siddharth Ravindran, the Gurugram-based startup is a digital lending platform that specialises in providing instant, short-term credit to consumers and businesses.

The Rupeelend team specialises in providing instant, short-term credit to businesses


Most entrepreneurs know their eureka moment, that point in time when they decided to started up. The lightbulb moment for UtopiaTech's founders was about making streetlights smarter. The Mumbai-based startup, founded by Ayush Jain, Shashank Shah, and Mitesh Bajaria, is working towards one goal: refining the core solution, which involves management and automation of outdoor lights with IoT technology.

UtopiaTech's founders are using IoT tech to automate and manage outdoor lights



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