21 under 21: For these young entrepreneurs age was no bar to start up

21 under 21: For these young entrepreneurs age was no bar to start up

Wednesday August 29, 2018,

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YourStory’s list of 21 youngsters who started up when they were below 21 is sure to inspire the entrepreneur in you. 

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Sankarsh Chanda published his first book and launched his fintech startup by the age of 19

Hyderabad-based teenager Sankarsh was always buried in the world of books. That’s where he was introduced to the world of wealth management.

With Savart, Sankarsh Chanda is helping users to invest in mutual funds and stocks online

Dabbling with small personal investments at the age of 14, Sankarsh found his own style of investment and started drawing up investment strategies for individual clients. In 2016, at the age of 17, he published his first book Financial Nirvana.

Today, Sankarsh runs Savart, an online-offline wealth manager that enables people to take smart investment decisions. Started when he was 18 (in 2017), Savart is already managing Rs 8.5 crores in assets. [Read more]

Mukesh Bharadwaj, 19, started a web services company a year after he got his first laptop 

In 2015, Himachal-Pradesh based Mukesh Bharadwaj got his first laptop from the state government as he scored good marks in Class 10.

Mukesh Bhardwaj was studying Mechanical Engineering at Nagrota Bagwan, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh in 2016

What he did with it is what matters. Starting up a year after with digitalwebdia, Mukesh, now studying mechanical engineering at Nagrota Bagwan, Kangra, started managing several blogs and websites.

His startup creates websites, providing best SEO, logo designing and digital marketing services. [Read more]

Despite failing in Class 8, Trishneet Arora became an internationally recognised ethical hacker and entrepreneur at 19

At 19, Trishneet has many laurels to his name. He is an entrepreneur recognised internationally as an ethical hacker, author, cyber-crime consultant, and investigator.

But it wasn’t easy. Trishneet says he says failed in Class 8 and had to skip Class 9.

In 2013, at the age of 19 he started TAC Security Solutions, which helps organisations recognise IT infrastructure weaknesses before fraudulent hackers can use them adversely.

He has also worked closely with the Punjab and Gujarat police departments, helping them resolve many cyber-crime cases and training them on cyber-crime security. [Read more]

19-year old Mukund Agarwal saw a gap in the online furniture market and started up 

A shopping trip led Mukund Agarwal to realise that although online furniture retailers provided custom-made furniture, very few sites offered variety and customisation options

Leaving his training in chartered accountancy and family business, he floated Brownstraw, a curator of fine designs and furniture from around the world. Brownstraw is not targeting the custom-made furniture market; it primarily gives options for different kinds of furniture, competing with the likes of startups like Homelane. [Read more]

20-year-olds PB Surya Subhash and Kaushik Bharadwaj turned their obsession into reality by starting a cyber-security venture

Like many parents, PB Surya Subhash’s parents were also wary of their son’s obsession with entrepreneurship. However, when their 20-year-old began winning awards and contests for his business idea, they stopped worrying.

PB Surya Subhash and Kaushik Bharadwaj
PB Surya Subhash and Kaushik Bharadwaj

In July 2016, while doing a three-week programming course, Surya met Kaushik Bharadwaj, a developer and security enthusiast. The two went on to launch a cyber-security venture, Primeauth, a month later.

Primeauth provides a multi-layer and multi-factor authentication model. A remote attacker can't log into the website or application since their product takes into account not just the password but also the typing pattern. [Read more]

Aditya Vikram traded his college education at 18 in return for entrepreneurship

A self-taught app developer who never even went to college, Aditya Vikram was 18 when he built Mystery Monks, a platform for creative professionals to collaborate and work on videos for customers.

Now 22, Aditya says the platform’s process is tailor-made for a layman. The system automatically assigns a team of professionals – video editors, animators, creative writers, voice artists, graphic designers, etc.– to your order. These professionals then collaborate and work on a user’s video. [Read more]

By 18, the Bharadwaj twins had eight patents, were invited by the UN and started their second startup

The story of the 18 -year-old Delhi brothers has been an inspiration all the way.

At 18, the twins had close to eight patents to their name, including a Bajra purifier that uses coarse grain to purify water. And while doing their research, the twins identified challenges relating to copyright issues, leading them to their first startup, Zenith Vipers.

The Bharadwaj brothers speaking at the TEDxDelhi event

Started in 2015, Zenith Vipers is an online platform that encourages students to take up research and development, and promote the concept of R&D, for those who did not hold college degrees.

Later, the duo turned towards collaborative workspaces and launched their venture, WorkoLab in August 2017. WorkoLab has received backing from Jasmeet Singh Marwah, the MD of Marwah Group.

The twins are also recipients of the Karmaveer Chakra award, and among the youngest to be invited to the United Nations headquarters in New York. [Read more]

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