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AI can help deliver better CX at scale. Learn from experts at this workshop on data-driven marketing at TechSparks

AI can help deliver better CX at scale. Learn from experts at this workshop on data-driven marketing at TechSparks

Monday October 01, 2018,

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Who, what, where, when and why: when it comes to consumer behaviour, brands today have all the answers, thanks to data at an extremely granular level on individual users and related demographic information that is collected, analysed and churned into insights.

There is ample evidence that this data-driven marketing can maximise ROI by enabling brands to deliver streamlined, targeted, personalised and customer-centric marketing campaigns, and helping brands reduce wasteful spends while aiding brand growth.

In this context, where marketers have access to numerous tools that provide insights and help in data-driven decision making, is AI relevant to new-age marketing?

The answer is yes. Here’s why. Marketers may get insights into a customer’s behavioural traits, preferences, and mindsets through a particular platform. Another tool records transactional data regarding the customer’s interactions with the brand and purchase patterns. Yet another analytics tool predicts whether a customer is likely to make a purchase or not and when. More often than not, even though brands have access to a range of vital information, insights, data sources, these remain in silos and a holistic analysis of all this information is not done, which limits the usage of this data. Most marketers will agree to this being one of their greatest challenges today.

This is where AI could make all the difference, by integrating insights and data into a cohesive whole.

Today, AI-driven marketing is becoming the norm across the board, from some of the biggest companies to nimble start-ups. AI is making marketing more intelligent and efficient across use cases – from digital ads to recommendation engines. Today, real-time programmatic ad campaigns are leveraging AI to maximise RoI, chatbots are making mundane tasks more efficient and helping personalise customer experiences.

AI in data-driven marketing is enabling digital music service providers to build personalised playlists for users based on data from more than two-billion user-created playlists. It is helping customers of hospitality marketplaces find their perfect vacations. It’s enabling social media platforms to curate newsfeeds based on individual preferences. It’s enabling brands to create ads that customers will engage with. It is giving sales teams the right kind of information to focus on the right accounts at the right time. In short, the gamut of AI use cases in marketing today is all-encompassing and the AI journey in marketing has only just begun.

At TechSparks 2018, Pradyut V Hande and Kedar Parikh, two data-driven marketing experts will take you through how AI can deliver personalised customer experiences at scale. The workshop will provide answers on topics such as how AI helps answer pivotal challenges faced by modern marketers across both web and app platforms, why AI is a critical component of marketing strategy today, how AI can help marketers deliver personalised customer experiences at scale and more.

Pradyut V Hande is a Senior Growth Marketer, Product Evangelist, Mobile Growth Expert, Digital Marketing Strategist, and Author. He has led start-ups and MNCs across the B2B SaaS, Consulting, and Banking industries and currently serves as a Senior Growth Marketer & Product Evangelist at Smartech, enabling brands deliver data-driven differentiated customer experiences powered by AI.

Kedar Parikh is a Product Architect at Smartech, striving to build the world's best customer analytics and engagement platform. Intrigued by what data brings to the table, he enjoys turning data into valuable insights and coding, and knows the workings of Financial Services and Mobile domains.

Date: October 5, 2018

Time: 4 pm to 5 pm

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