From decoding a gully boy to the perfect Valentine's Day - your weekend fix

From decoding a gully boy to the perfect Valentine's Day - your weekend fix

Sunday February 10, 2019,

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“Gully is not just a word, it’s an emotion; a feeling. It’s not necessary that the person coming from a gully is poor. It’s just that they have faced different situations in life, and I am sure everyone in India has had a gully influence in their life,” says Rapper Naved Shaikh, aka Naezy. He is one half of the Naezy-Divine rapper duo, which inspired the Ranveer Singh-starrer Gully Boy.

Gully Boy India

Would you launch a startup with your spouse? On Valentine’s Day, we look at couples who fell in love, got married and started a business together - and successfully. So, as another V-Day comes around, and as couples all over make special plans to celebrate their love, check out these couples who decided that they make great partners at work too.

If you are done with getaways and romantic date nights on Valentine’s Day, why not curl up with a good movie with your significant other? Here are some classic films, known for their romantic themes, beautiful dialogues, fine actors and excellent screenplays. Make it a movie night to remember with our V-day faves for the season.

Have you always wanted to try the world-famous Ministry of Crab but could not afford a Sri Lanka holiday? Well, don’t get crabby, because Ministry of Crab is now in Mumbai! The first-ever outlet in India is brought by Gourmet Investments Pvt Ltd (GIPL) is the brainchild of celebrated chef and restaurateur Dharshan Munidasa in partnership with Sri Lankan cricket legends Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara. We caught up with Ramit Bharti Mittal, CEO of GIPL, to talk about its unique menu and food trends today.

In our Vikram and Vetal column, columnists speak about consensus as not being the absence of dissent. In organisations where sales in one vertical are dependent on the sale of the flagship product, it is highly unlikely that everyone will be a ‘yes-man’. The process of consensus is not just collating all the yes-es and going ahead based on the majority but validating each one, making a judgement call. It is quite likely that the CEO may decide to go ‘the other way’ completely if they ‘feel’ and ‘know’ different.

Sameer AM, Founder and CEO of Bonito Designs, is an ex-techie who created an online business in the realm of SEM and SEO, which later helped him set up Bonito Designs. It is one of the well-known brands in the home interior design space in Bengaluru. He speaks about his loves, his heroes, his most memorable times and much more. Here are his answers to our Proust questionnaire.

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