Twitter is tweaking its replies layout. But all users care about is the ‘edit’ tweet option

Microblogging site Twitter is experimenting with colour-coded replies, a rounded appearance, and a text-message-like vibe for the tweet threads on its platform.

Twitter is tweaking its replies layout. But all users care about is the ‘edit’ tweet option

Friday February 22, 2019,

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Microblogging site Twitter is exploring newer ways to make the conversations on the platform engaging, and easier to understand and join. For that, the company has launched a public test of its redesigned replies layout, and users are more than welcome to join the survey and share feedback.

All a user needs to do is sign up for the Twitter Prototype Program – yes, the site is taking applications from willing participants – share some basic information, that Twitter promises will be treated as per its privacy policy, and keep an eye out for further notification via emails from the company.

“Want to see what we’re working on and share your feedback? Apply to be a part of our Twitter Prototype Program,” the company announced in a post. “After you apply, please look out for an email with an update on your application status. You can expect to hear from us within a few weeks.”

The redesigned interface will allow beta testers to experiment with colour-coded replies, a more rounded appearance of the replies, which in turn will give the entire Twitter thread a text message-type look, news sites reported. Furthermore, in a thread, users will find that replies from the people they follow, appear in blue, while responses from the original tweeter appear in grey.

Twitter is also tweaking the way the number of likes and retweets on a reply currently show on the platform. Unless a user clicks on the reply, these engagement numbers will now be hidden.

These experiments follow long-drawn planning to make the conversations on the platform friendlier and of better use. While Twitter has put the interface on test, it might be some time before the changes – based on user feedback – actually make it to the app.

In the meantime, Twitter has an open invite on feedback from anyone and everyone who uses their service. But all that users of the platform seem to care about is the much-talked-about "edit" tweet option.

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