[Jobs Roundup] Are you passionate about music? Check out these openings

If you are a music lover with a passion to share your love for music with others, check out this list of job openings in the industry.

Over the years, the love for music has proliferated drastically. In turn, opportunities for musicians have also intensified in all fields.

Music teachers, sound designers, audio engineers, technicians, and musicians are in high demand across different industries.

YourStory has curated a list of job openings in the music industry.

Sound Design Music Producer


Experience needed: 2+ years

BYJU'S is looking for a creative candidate who has excellent premix skills and has a working knowledge of VST, plugins, Logic Pro, and DAW-Pro Tools. Innovation and originality are the qualities that the company wants from the sound design music producer. They should be able to follow a brief and work on their own initiative.

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Music Teacher

Shankar Mahadevan Academy

Experience needed: 3+ years

The academy is on the lookout for a dedicated music teacher who will follow a collaborative teaching pattern. Matching the course pace with the learning pace of the students would be the candidate’s primary responsibility. They should be updated on the opportunities from the music field and incorporate new techniques to make learning fun. Excellent command over Hindustani/Carnatic music would be important criteria.

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Sound Technician


Experience needed: 1 year

As a sound technician, the candidate’s responsibility will vary from production to post-production opportunities. In production, they should record sound onto digital audio tape and monitor audio signals for malfunctions, maintain and repair sound equipment. In post-production, they should integrate pre-recorded audio to visual content. Mixing and balancing sound would be their task.

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Western Classical Vocal Teacher

Saffron Business Solutions

Experience needed: Grade 5 in Western classical vocals

The selected candidate is expected to plan, prepare and execute music lessons to the students through convenient teaching methods. They must motivate the students and encourage them to engage in musical activities. Planning recitals and concerts for the students would also be a part of their job.

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Music Teacher

Deens Academy

Experience needed: 2-5 years

The academy is searching for an enthusiastic music teacher who sets clear targets and ensures high levels of interest from the students. They should be aware of and make provision for the differently-abled students. Efficient teaching and effective time management would be the key to get into the academy.

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(Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta)


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