How CustomerSuccessBox grew their organic traffic by more than 400% with HubSpot for Startups


As a leading customer success platform for B2B SaaS businesses, CustomerSuccessBox is in the business of delivering success stories across all customer lifecycle stages. The company empowers customer success managers (CSMs) in companies like XebiaLabs, Raken, Zedonk, Locus and Hiver to manage hundreds of accounts while growing a multi-million dollar portfolio, while lowering the cost of delivering success per customer.

As any early stage seed funded startup knows, CustomerSuccessBox needed to focus on customer acquisition strategy to rapidly scale their business.

“We are targeting a niche market and we were early to realise the value of marketing and how this drives demand, and ultimately sales. With limited resources and lean teams, we needed to scale our businesses in an efficient way. HubSpot for Startups had everything we needed for sales and marketing success, and we were able to access these tools without having to exhaust our cash reserves.” Puneet Kataria, CEO, CustomerSuccessBox

CustomerSuccessBox decided to join HubSpot for Startups so that it could be eligible for a 90% discount on the HubSpot Growth Platform – the combination of the Marketing Hub, CRM and Sales Hub – as well as tech support, mentoring and help with onboarding.

Some of the key features that helped CustomerSuccessBox streamline its marketing include the ability to add custom properties and implement lead scoring to improve sales efficiency.

“With HubSpot, we were able to have all our prospect and customer communications in one place. With the original source tracking feature in HubSpot, tracking my lead metrics by channel became so much easier,” says Nilesh Surana, Head of Marketing at CustomerSuccessBox

After implementing HubSpot, CustomerSuccessBox has seen a number of benefits, including the following:

● Their qualified leads count grew by ~30% month over month

● Monthly organic traffic grew by 400% by the end of 2018, and has since then grown by 70% in 2019

● Revenue grew by ~20% month over month

Nilesh shares how they streamlined their marketing efforts with the help of HubSpot.

“The HubSpot for Startups program meant that we did not have to invest a lot in our initial sales and marketing stack. Because of this, I had the opportunity to run experiments on paid channels. Also HubSpot has enabled me and my team to react in real time to inbound leads. With the workflows feature, I have implemented automation to ensure that no form-fill goes without an immediate email response and no qualified lead is ever missed by the sales team.”

Like CustomerSuccessBox, you can grow your revenues, scale faster, and get access to the latest tech and expertise, all at an extremely startup-friendly price. This offer is exclusive to companies located in India. Apply to HubSpot for Startups today.


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