TechSparks 2019: Unveiling Tech30 - YourStory’s list of high-potential tech startups in India

Since YourStory’s flagship event TechSparks was launched, every year, we have proudly presented a carefully chosen list of Tech30 startups - 30 young and promising startups that we believe have high potential.

TechSparks 2019: Unveiling Tech30 - YourStory’s list of high-potential tech startups in India

Saturday October 12, 2019,

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This year marks the tenth edition of TechSparks - YourStory's flagship event that brings together the who's who of the industry under one roof. It’s also the time when we reveal our tenth batch of Tech30 companies. Every year, we proudly present a carefully chosen list of 30 young and promising startups that we believe have the potential to be major disruptors. 

The theme for TechSparks 2019 is ‘India 2025: Inclusive, Future-ready, and Intelligence-led’, and we believe that this year’s Tech30 companies will enable India to move closer to becoming ready for the future and intelligence-led. Harnessing technologies such as AI, machine learning, data analytics, and blockchain, these 30 companies are looking to solve problems across sectors and disrupt the market with new, innovative ideas.


These top 30 startups were selected from around 2,500 applications. They were chosen by a jury comprising veterans from the startup ecosystem, and YourStory's team of senior editorial and research staff.  The verdict was based on multiple factors, including the potential impact of technology, the team, adoption and traction, scalability, addressable market, and revenue model.

"The talent we see in India continues to amaze and inspire us. I ask you to read all the profiles in detail and get to know these passionate entrepreneurs, because some of them will go on and define the narrative in the coming years," said Shradha Sharma, Founder and CEO of YourStory.

No surprises then that our latest Tech30 batch features startups that are innovating in a range of fields including AI, SaaS, and a lot of startups working for the Tier II and III cities.

YourStory is proud to present the Tech30 startups for 2019:

1.  Bakbuck - Offers ultra-casual engagement to Indian housewives in regional languages. 

2.  Bulk MRO - A full-stack marketplace for industrial products, it is like the Alibaba for large enterprises in India. 

3. - It is a marketplace bank for SMBs, solving financial needs of customers such as Kiranas, chemists, professionals, and their employees. 

4.  CoutLoot - An offline to online selling platform enabling businesses to go online and sell their product in just 30 seconds. 

5.  Deepsync Technologies - Uses AI to make audio production 10x better to meet the demand of high-quality content in regional languages. 

6.  Deftouch - It is an indie gaming development platform bring cricket fans together in a social, real-time multiplayer game.

7.  Edgistify (Optisupply Chain Solution Pvt Ltd) - A decision making digital platform for end-to-end supply chain. 

8.  Elucidata Corporation - AI-enabled platform to accelerate drug discovery and driving decisions in R&D labs. 

9. Energos - Provides end-to-end AI services to optimise the flow of energy. 

10.  EzeRx Health Tech Pvt Ltd - Develops advanced medical devices for effective management of curative and preventive health issues. 

11. Freshokartz Agri Products Pvt Ltd - Organising the agriculture sector by providing soil data-based recommendations to farmers, and suggest the use of fertilisers and managing crop cycle. 

12. GigIndia - Helping companies scale faster by sourcing, managing, and providing on-demand curated workforce from the gig economy. 

13. Hubhopper - Platform for podcasts and audio content. 

14. LotusPay - Provider of NACH processing to businesses, by partnering with banks. 

15. Navana Tech India - Building speech recognition technologies in regional languages and dialects. 

16. NeuroLeap - Applied neuroscience venture using technology to understand and enhance the human brain without medication and side effects.

17. NewsBytes - Digital media marketing producing content using Artificial Intelligence. 

18. Nimesa - Data agility time machine workflow solution. 

19. Nojoto - Regional language storytelling platform. 

20. Numocity Technologies - Intelligent middleware platform for electric vehicle charging, focussed on fleet and public charging. 

21. Pepper - It is a one-stop destination for content creation across any niche, platform, and language. 

22. QNu Labs - Solving problem of encrypted data and encryption key. 

23. Skyroot Aerospace Private Limited - Building private satellite launch vehicles/ rockets. 

24. Sqrrl Fintech Private Limited - A wealth management platform focused on savings and investments. 

25. Stylumia - B2B Saas platform promoting sustainable fashion startup using deep learning, computer vision, and prediction models. 

26. Torchit - Provides solutions to the ‘differently abled community’ by developing affordable products. 

27.  TresMoto - Offering purpose-built electric scooters to fleet providers both in shared mobility and logistics space.

28. Vedalabs - Retail analytics platform providing real-time insights to retail stores and warehouses. 

29. Verismart - A blockchain platform for KYC automation, risk and business profiling, and fraud management. 

30. WeSecureApp - Security orchestration and vulnerability correlation platform. 

To download the detailed Tech30 report for 2019, click here.

(Edited by Teja Lele Desai and Megha Reddy)

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