[App Fridays] With Cashmen, you can sell used phones at your doorstep and earn instant cash

Cashmen lets you sell old mobile phones and tablets in less than a minute. Just ask for a free pick-up and earn a quick buck at your doorstep.

[App Fridays] With Cashmen, you can sell used phones at your doorstep and earn instant cash

Friday December 20, 2019,

4 min Read

Have you ever sold or exchanged an old mobile phone? 

If yes, then you’re a part of a global industry that is estimated to reach $52.7 billion by 2022. In India alone, the used phones market is worth $10 billion, with device upgrade cycles becoming shorter by the day. 

There are, of course, large used goods marketplaces like OLX, Quikr, and even Flipkart-owned 2GUD that allow consumers to take part in second-hand buying and selling.

But, the enormous demand for second-hand phones has led to the mushrooming of services specific to this purpose and category. 

Meet Cashmen, an app that allows you to sell used mobile phones and tablets in exchange for instant cash at your doorstep.

App Friday_Cashmen

In nine months, the app has crossed 50,000 installs on Google Play Store, and has earned a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

You select the brand/model of the phone you want to sell, and Cashmen quotes a “bestselling price” for the device based on its condition and also the current MRP. You then choose a pick-up date and location (either home or office), and wait for a Cashmen agent to arrive at your doorstep. The selling process takes about a minute

On the pick-up day, the agent inspects your device, runs a few customary tests, and hands you instant cash to complete the transaction. 

Cashmen's free pick-up service is currently operational in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, and Hyderabad, but will soon roll out to more Indian cities. 

Let’s dive into the app.

Cashmen takes you to the homepage at the very outset. It is divided into two categories: 'Sell a Smartphone' and 'Sell a Tablet'. The homepage also has a search icon to help you hunt for your device and get through the listing process more swiftly.

Once you select the device, the app throws up an overview page with the approximate selling price.  To get a more accurate price quote for the device, hit the green button.


Hit the ‘View All’ button to browse through the phones and tablets you can sell. 

There are 26 top brands (international and homegrown) on offer currently. Each brand throws up multiple models.

Cashmen collage

After choosing a device, you have to answer a set of Yes-No questions to help Cashmen gauge the condition of your device.

Consideration metrics include phone display, lines on screen, faulty buttons, discolouration, accessories, age of the device, and so on.


Based on your answers, the app throws up a device summary on the next page.

If you’re happy with the quoted price, you can hit the Sign In & Sell Now button. 

If you don’t want to sell, you can exit at this stage. In that case, the app keeps no records of your activity because there was no sign-in.

Enter a phone number to sign in, and enter pick-up details.  Also, schedule a pick-up from your home or office location.


Verdict: Decent, but not impeccable

On the surface, Cashmen is a simple and fuss-free service for a definite purpose. The app is lightweight (under 4MB), well designed, and the selling process is fairly swift. 

Also, Cashmen claims to have an internal recycling programme for the electronic items it collects. Brownie points for being ecologically-conscious!

But, the app lacks a bit when it comes to user-friendliness. 

First, there is no option to cancel a pick-up request

So, if you change your mind about selling the gadget or if you want to reschedule a pick-up, there is no way you can do that on the app. You have to draft an email to Cashmen's customer support id. Thumbs down for this dated approach!

Secondly, the app doesn’t allow you to track the real-time status of your order. So, you got to rely on SMS and email updates from the pick-up agent or the company.

That said, Cashmen is a decent platform to earn a quick buck off your used gadgets!

(Edited by Teja Lele Desai)