YourStory announces its List of 50 Disruptive Startups and 50 Top Newsmakers

YourStory announced the launch of YourStory Awards, powered by Amazon Web Services, and released its ranking of the 50 Most Disruptive Startups and 50 Top Newsmakers.

YourStory Media, India’s most credible media company for Indian entrepreneurs and changemakers, is proud to announce the launch of YourStory Awards covering the Indian startup ecosystem for the year 2019, powered by Amazon Web Services.

YourStory released its ranking of the 50 Most Disruptive Startups and 50 Top Newsmakers for the year 2019, based on a well-defined methodology that takes into consideration key valuation metrics and leverages the YourStory team’s rich experience and knowhow in the space.

As the most prominent startup ecosystem enabler in India, YourStory is rightly equipped with the qualitative data and industry insights to create the most authentic listings of its kind.

Since its launch in 2008, YourStory has been the single most definitive storytelling platform for entrepreneurs, innovators, and changemakers.

“YourStory Awards is the most authentic and relevant set of rankings in the Indian startup ecosystem today. YourStory’s understanding of this landscape is unparalleled and these rankings are a product of 10 years of experience YourStory has in the segment. We congratulate the awardees and commend them for their exemplary contribution to the Indian startup ecosystem,” Shradha Sharma, Founder and CEO, YourStory said.

Each of the startup rankings, as detailed on the YourStory Awards site, includes a detailed profile on the startup as well as details of its disruption and milestone quotient.

The detailed profile around these startups includes information on funding, founding team, relevant sectors, and basic overview.

Top 50 Most Disruptive Startups

YourStory’s Ranking of the Top 50 Most Disruptive Startups spotlights startups with groundbreaking ideas that are creating a deep impact for good with the help of technology.

Ola’s EV entity Ola Electric tops the list, followed closely by Paytm’s wealth management arm Paytm Money and B2B supply chain startup Ninjacart at second and third spots, respectively.

To arrive at the rankings for the 50 Most Disruptive Startups, a jury comprising YourStory Research and Data Heads, senior Editorial staff, and industry experts narrowed down the initial list of around 300 nominations through multiple deliberations.

A score was assigned to various valuation metrics such as market opportunity, team, technology or the product or service provided, innovation, and growth potential to determine the ranking of each of these startups.

The jury carefully considered the team’s capabilities and skills to create disruptive tech-based solutions and scale the business in its addressable market. In addition, the extent of the product innovation of startups, both in terms of product utilisation and defensibility, its market potential, the scalability of the solution, and clarity of the revenue models were also carefully considered by the jury before making their final selection of 50 Most Disruptive Startups.

Top 50 Newsmakers

The Top 50 Newsmakers Award highlights startups that dominated the headlines in 2019 and have proved that they are here to stay. After scaling new heights during the year, these 50 startups are poised to lead the Indian startup ecosystem to higher ground in the year ahead.

Digital payments firm Paytm, which made the headlines for various reasons through the year, tops the list of Top 50 Newsmakers, followed closely by ride sharing firm Ola and foodtech startup Swiggy at second and third spots, respectively.

To arrive at the rankings for the Top 50 Newsmakers, YourStory leveraged an online tool to compile a list of startups that received the most mentions in the news during the year. The jury, comprising YourStory senior Editorial staff, industry experts, and Research and Data Heads, narrowed down the initial compilation to 250 startups, following which the team underwent multiple deliberations to arrive at the list of 50 Newsmakers.

The Top 50 Newsmakers were selected based on the milestones achieved during the year as well as the magnitude and impact of these achievements for not just the startup itself, but for the entire ecosystem. Funding, profitability, M&A activity, product launches, and international expansions were among some of the areas in which these startups set new benchmarks.

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