[Jobs roundup] Join India's online education sector with these openings

YourStory lists a few jobs in the edtech sector, if you are interested to make education easier and accessible to more students

Edtech is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country, more so during the coronavirus pandemic. Poised to reach $1.96 billion by 2021, India has a current user base of around 9.6 million in the online education sector. This will still represent only a tiny sliver of the Indian market that has over 250 million students currently enrolled in schools, indicating a tremendous potential.

As most of the schools and colleges are shut, fearing it to be a breeding ground for the novel coronavirus infection, edtech startups are proving to be useful for students to keep up with learning.

If you are interested to make education easier and accessible to more students, here is a list of job openings in the sector curated by YourStory.

Software Engineer - Backend


Experience needed: 2-8 years

As a Software Engineer at BYJU'S, the candidate will be required to build platforms and services to be used across various products. Candidates are required to be eager to learn, flexible to pivot when needed, savvy enough to thrive in a dynamic environment, and should possess a growth mindset. They will be responsible to write high-quality code and unit tests, builds, tests as per the agreed timelines. They need to organise and express ideas clearly and concisely, as well as keep key stakeholders informed about progress and problems.

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Senior Data Engineer


Experience needed: 3+ years

The startup is looking for an experienced Data Engineer for product and business analytics who will design and build mission-critical data pipelines in the SQL environment. Their responsibilities include engineering data pipelines (batch and real-time) that aids in the creation of data-driven products for the platform. They are also required to design, develop, and maintain a robust and scalable data-warehouse, as well as work closely alongside product managers and data scientists to bring the various datasets together and cater to our business intelligence and analytics use cases.

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Data Analyst


Experience needed: 2+ years

The primary responsibility of a Data Analyst at Toppr is to work with department leaders to derive insights that improve business performance. The candidates are required to conduct an exploratory analysis of large data sets, metrics identification and report creation, and development and maintenance of analytic systems. They should also possess a keen eye for business with a real passion for making an impact in the business.

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Product Analyst


Experience needed: Not Specified

The edtech platform is seeking a highly analytical and detail-oriented candidate who will have to work closely with product and program managers across teams to streamline business metrics reporting, and derive insights that are business impacting. Their responsibilities include identifying, analysing, and interpreting trends or patterns in complex data sets, and present the findings using appropriate visualisation tools. They are also required to measure, track, and report various KPIs of these newly rolled out features.

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Front-end Engineer


Experience needed: 1-4 years

As a Front-end Engineer at Vedantu, the candidate's responsibilities include taking ownership of a product feature and build it end to end or enhance existing features. They need to understand issues like slow loading, security, response time of site, scalability, user engagement, and write code considering these paradigms. The candidates are also required to contribute to the ways the platform can be made much more engaging and can reach out to a larger audience. They should be capable of developing a new feature which is responsive and reliable in short notice. 

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