Lend your ears to lessons on the art of leadership

Self-leadership and motivation is the need of the hour today. Pick up the right skills, tips and tricks to emerge as a true leader with these ten audiobooks on Storytel

Lend your ears to lessons on the art of leadership

Wednesday July 08, 2020,

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In the last few months, life and work as we knew it seems to have changed forever, or at least for the foreseeable future. In times like these, leadership is one virtue that sparks hope, brings confidence, and a resolve among people to find a way forward — be it within the four walls of home or running a business.

While there’s no better time than now to up your game in the world of business by taking challenges head on and displaying powerful leadership, we all need that bit of motivation, help and guidance to do out best.

Audiobook streaming app Storytel has you covered with this comprehensive list of leadership audiobooks that you can listen to and learn how to thrive as a true leader. Check them out:

The Book for Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi

This ancient text is the holy grail of the subtle art of confrontation and human behaviour. It analyses the process of struggle and mastery over conflict in human interaction. Originally written in 1645 by the undefeated samurai Miyamoto Musashi, it has since achieved classic status among business readers all over the world and has been studied for its insights into the Japanese approach to business strategy. The audiobook version does complete justice to the text, with narrator Scott Brick going deep to apply lessons from the battlefield to business and explaining ambiguities from previous translations. This is a must listen for some sage advice and a peek into an ancient civilisation.

Exactly What to Say: The Magic Words for Influence and Impact By Phil M Jones

Just a little over an hour long, the audiobook version of this timeless book on the lost art of spoken communication is exactly what one needs in today’s corporate world. Narrated by Phil himself, the audiobook begins with him sharing an observation that successful people have one thing in common: They know exactly what to say, how to say it, and how to make it count. He then goes on to list out ‘Magic Words’ a collection of the words and phrases that successful people use to influence others in conversations.

From phrases like “just out of curiosity” to “most people” and “What happens next”, this book will make listeners rethink and evaluate the art of the conversation. Phil’s engaging and lucid style of narration makes it an entertaining and informative listen.

Be the Boss Everyone Wants to Work For by William Gentry

If you’ve ever had a bad boss, you’d be too familiar with the damaging effects it has within the team and the organisation. One of the most common reasons for this is the fact that most new leaders get almost no training. Psychologist William Gentry tries to fill that void with this compelling audiobook replete with tools, advice and guidance for entry-level and first-level supervisors, managers and directors. He goes on to explain why great individual contributors often fail to transition into great leaders — and how to avoid it. Expertly narrated by Tom Dheere — a veteran voice over artist in the e-learning and audiobooks space — he brings a vibrancy to William’s extensive research and ideas.

A Time Conscious Life by Stephen Covey

Written by the author of the hugely popular ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, Stephen Covey’s lesser-known title ‘A Time Conscious Life’ is just as engaging and fun. While his previous works identified seven habits shared by all truly effective people, this audiobook delves into the ways and means of utlising one's time to love, learn and leave a legacy to be proud of.

Covery takes listeners through some inspiring quotes and phrases to help people live a more meaningful, well-rounded life and appreciate the larger things. Narrated by Walter Dixon — the voice behind successful audiobook versions of titles such as ‘Ikigai’ and ‘Think and Grow Rich’ — this 43-minute guide to effective time management is a treat for the ears and the mind.

Insight by Tasha Eurich

Tasha is an acclaimed psychologist, researcher and a New York Times bestselling author of Insight, a thought-provoking book to help you understand what self-awareness is and why it’s vital if you want to become the best version of yourself. Tasha says that almost no one is completely self-aware and that only a few truly know either their own desires and goals, i.e, “internal self-awareness” or how others see us, i.e., “external self-awareness.” Read by the author herself, the audiobook is the perfect choice to learn about different mindfulness techniques that can help increase self-awareness while busting myths and the self-delusion of how well we know ourselves.

The Storyteller’s Secret by Carmine Gallo

Written and narrated by popular columnist and keynote speaker Carmine Gallo, ‘The Storyteller's Secret’ unlocks the answer to crafting the most compelling message with fifty lessons from visionary leaders. Carmine says that whatever your goal be, your story is your most valuable asset, and goes on to explain why some stories sell, while others don’t. The book ends with a powerful message: “Storytelling is not something we do. Storytelling is who we are, and there’s a storyteller in each of us. Your story can change the world. Let it out.”

The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Gary Chapman

‘The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace’ takes inspiration from Gary Chapman’s previous book ‘The Five Love Languages’ and evokes the same idea of applying the five “love” languages to “appreciation” in the workplace. This book assists managers in effectively communicating appreciation and encouragement to their team members, which results in higher levels of job satisfaction, healthier relationships between managers and their teams, and decreased cases of burnout. Listen to this one to dramatically improve workplace relationships.

100 Ways to Motivate Others by Steve Chandler

This book is a follow-up to Chandler's previous best-seller, ‘100 Ways to Motivate Yourself and Reinventing Yourself.’ In this audiobook, the author, who is also the narrator, deep dives into concepts like “Don't manage people, manage agreements, and “Tell the truth quickly,” and "Stop talking,’ among others, while also busting myths like how multitasking is not a skill and that people don’t inherently “have” self discipline, but choose to exercise it. This a friendly guide for all managers, professionals and executives to lead a better work-life.

Goals! by Brian Tracy

This is perhaps one of the most comprehensive books on setting and achieving goals. Brian explores the seven key elements of goal setting and the twelve steps necessary to set and accomplish goals of any size in this book, which has been narrated by himself. The chapters are broken down into smaller sub chapters and subsections which make it easy to follow and comprehend. The language is easy, conversational and makes you want to listen more. Tune in to this one for life lessons on building self esteem, determining one’s strengths and achieving mental fitness to realise goals .

H3 Leadership by Brad Lomenick

If you are someone who watches and likes TED talks, you might recognize that the intention of each message is to challenge and provide the audience a call to action; to share an idea worth spreading. This is exactly what this audiobook aims to achieve. Exploring three core character qualities – humble, hungry, hustle –the author identifies 20 essential leadership habits for listeners to imbibe if they want to be leaders. Brad says that these three qualities should essentially map the answers to three important questions - Who am I? Where do I want to go? And how will I get there? “Leadership is more than hard work; it is habitual work,” he says, and that our habits will ultimately answer those three questions. Stu Gray’s narration is excellent and keeps listeners hooked to every word.

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