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Defining the future of mobility and its economic, environmental, and social implications with Bhavish Aggarwal at TechSparks 2020

At TechSparks 2020, Bhavish Aggarwal will talk about how Ola is defining the future of mobility and the economic, environmental, and social implications for India and the world. Tune in to the all virtual TechSparks session as the Ola Cabs Founder goes beyond the surface.

Aparajita Saxena

Debolina Biswas

Defining the future of mobility and its economic, environmental, and social implications with Bhavish Aggarwal at TechSparks 2020

Monday October 12, 2020 , 3 min Read

Ola’s Bhavish Aggarwal – the poster boy for India’s startup ecosystem – may be media-shy, but he’s not one to shy away from leading the charge when it comes to bringing the latest in mobility to the country or even redefining the future of mobility for India and the world.

He has not only conquered the world of on-demand taxi services in India and abroad, but also given bigger ride-hailing global rivals a run for their money, often in their own markets. Bhavish did what any visionary or innovator does best -- provided a solution that impacts people at scale and has wide-ranging implications, including economic, social, and environmental.

As the climate change crisis worsens, oil becomes a restrictive commodity controlled only by a select few, and the world looks for more sustainable everyday solutions, electric vehicles are the auto sector’s response to the destruction caused by gas-run vehicles. With that in mind, Bhavish has already made inroads into the next big thing in the sector: electric vehicles.

With Ola Electric, Bhavish not only hopes to introduce environmental-friendly mobility options to consumers at home and abroad, but make India a hub for electric vehicle assembly and manufacturing – a space where China rules the roost today.


Image Credits: YS Design

At TechSparks 2020, we hope to hitch a ride with Bhavish into the future to see what the next few decades will be like for the mobility sector, and how he’s looking to define the future of mobility, especially with a focus on making transportation easier, more affordable, user-friendly, integrated, efficient, environment-friendly, and accessible for all.

We’ll also strive to understand what Ola’s sustainability goals are, how the EV industry would work in India, how we can innovate in Chinese-dominated frontiers like solar panels, smart grids, and smart mobility, and what Bhavish will need to do in order to bring about a change in consumer habits with respect to EVs.

Last year, our audience asked him if Ola will ever launch an on-demand ambulance service in India – and this year, with COVID-19 being the biggest health emergency of our times, we’ll ask him again.

And of course, we’ll do our best to unravel a bit more of what else goes on inside this maverick’s brain.

Join us at TechSparks 2020 – India’s largest startup tech conference - for an immensely insightful discussion on the future of mobility with Bhavish Aggarwal and YourStory Media Founder and CEO Shradha Sharma. This time, we’re coming to your homes in an all-immersive, all-virtual format from Oct 26 to Oct 30, 2020.

For this and other such events, check out our TechSparks 2020 website.

You can also book your place for this all-virtual conference via Paytm Insider or BookMyShow or TownScript.

Edited by Suman Singh and Tenzin Pema