Ecommerce analytics platform DataWeave acquihires Gurugram-based Sparrosense

Co-founded by IIT Delhi alumni Abhinav Gupta, Ankit Agarwal, and Ravikant Bhargava in 2019, Sparrosense is an AI-powered video analytics platform for shop-floor monitoring.

DataWeave, a Bengaluru-based ecommerce analytics platform that provides sales optimisation solutions to global omnichannel retailers, consumer brands and marketplaces, has acquihired Sparrosense, a Gurugram-based AI-powered video analytics platform for shop-floor monitoring.

Sparrosense’s Co-founder and CEO, Abhinav Gupta, will join DataWeave and lead new strategic initiatives. The CTO, Ankit Agarwal, will focus on building a scalable backend, while Chief AI Officer Ravikant Bhargava will add strength to DataWeave’s AI, NLP, and computer vision initiatives.

“SparroSense teams’ rich experience of building a startup which offers AI-driven product platform to customers makes them an appropriate fit for DataWeave. We at DataWeave are looking at aggressively expanding our customer base and strengthening existing product offerings. SparroSense team will play a vital role in helping us achieve our goals in 2021 and the years to come,” said DataWeave Co-founder Karthik Bettadapura.

Co-founded by IIT Delhi alumni Abhinav Gupta, Ankit Agarwal, and Ravikant Bhargava in 2019, Sparrosense offers insights to solve delays, drive productivity and optimise shop-floor processes. The startup has raised a total of $365,000 in two rounds led by investors from GSF Accelerator. Its advanced AI video analytics algorithms claim to drive productivity up by over 10 percent.

"In our initial interactions with DataWeave, we realised that both teams shared the same passion for building simple products using technology. Not only was there an immediate fit of our experience and expertise of AI SaaS, but there was also alignment in culture and vision,” added Sparrosense Co-founder Abhinav Gupta.

Founded in 2011, DataWeave’s proprietary technology helps consumer brands protect their online brand equity and optimise their ecommerce performance. The company, which is backed by Blume Ventures, Waterbridge Ventures, Rajan Anandan, and Recruit Holdings, enables ecommerce businesses to make smarter pricing and merchandising decisions. In spite of the global business slowdown, DataWeave claims to have added 50 percent more clients in 2020 as compared to 2019. The company’s clientele includes major players from across the globe like Sauder and Metro.

Passion Connect, the HR Advisory Unit incubated by Blume Ventures, played an important role in this acquihire. Led by Sanam Rawal, Passion Connect has worked closely with DataWeave, helping them build their team, over the last four years. It introduced the Sparrosense team to DataWeave in November 2020.

Edited by Anju Narayanan


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