India’s angel investors grow

Despite the high risks associated with startup investments, the ecosystem is now witnessing more entrants coming in as angel investors.

India’s angel investors grow

Monday April 05, 2021,

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For long, angel investments in the Indian startup ecosystem have largely been driven by bets made by successful entrepreneurs and tech executives as startups were viewed by many potential investors as a risky asset class. 

But that’s changing now and leading to a spurt in angel investments in Indian startups, say experts.

Despite the high risks associated with startup investments, the ecosystem is now witnessing more entrants coming in as angel investors. 

These include high-net-worth individuals, professionals of various organisations at levels below that of CxOs, and business owners of non-tech companies.

And this trend is reflected in the surge in the number of angel investments in Indian startups. According to a recent report by the Indian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (IVCA), startup investments by super angels and angel networks rose 24 percent to hit a new record of 341 in 2020 from 275 a year earlier.


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