This Aishwarya Rai Bachchan-backed startup is making it ‘possible’ to stay fit and healthy with research-driven nutrition products

Founded in 2015, Possible (earlier known as Truweight) is a healthtech startup that aims to help people fight lifestyle diseases and manage their weight through right nutrition-based healthy diets.

This Aishwarya Rai Bachchan-backed startup is making it ‘possible’ to stay fit and healthy with research-driven nutrition products

Sunday April 04, 2021,

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Wrong diet, overeating or eating very less, and obesity are a global concern, and adding to this is pandemic-related stress. Imbalanced diet and sedentary lifestyle leads to several diseases such as diabetes, PCOS, and thyroid problems, among others.

A Lancet study, which studied trends in consumption of 15 dietary factors from 1990 to 2017, revealed that poor diet led to 11 million deaths in 2017 alone. According to WHO estimates, over 650 million people across the globe are obese.

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Bengaluru-based Possible (earlier known as Truweight) is working to solve these challenges. Founded in 2015 by former Mckinsey colleagues Vishnu Saraf and Megha More, Possible is aimed at helping people fight lifestyle diseases and manage their weight through the right nutrition-based healthy diets.

In January, the startup raised Rs 5 crore from renowned Bollywood actor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as a part of its Pre-Series B funding round.

Speaking with YourStory, Megha revealed that the funds would be deployed for expanding into food product D2C business and disease management.

“We rebranded recently to Possible. Earlier, we were called Truweight, which was primarily focused on weight loss solutions. Weight loss still is a core part of our offering, but now we stand for much more than that. We want to help people fight lifestyle diseases like diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, and others,” Megha explains.

Making healthy food delicious and affordable

Possible provides over 70 formulated healthy Superfoods and connects users with more than 100 qualified nutrition coaches to help people maintain a proper diet and live life disease free.

Megha says that when users enrol intro the programmes, they get assigned to a personal coach who provides customised diet plans based upon their goals and preferences. The users receive a kit of Superfood to be consumed by them every month. The superfoods are developed using healthy ingredients such as spirulina, moringa, quinoa, and millets, among others, sourced globally.

“All client communication is through the app. Diet charts are assigned on the app, along with weekly video tutorials on topics related to health and nutrition. The app also has an active community for peer interaction and learning. Clients are expected to log in their meals in the app daily and also attend weekly live webinars called nutriclubs,” she says.

The co-founder added that the meal logs are analysed using the app and then the next month’s diet chart is recommended.

“We don’t believe in calorie counting. We track the food intake using the concept of health dollars, where we track nutrient content of food intake rather than calories,” Megha explains.

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Business and more

Vishnu, Co-founder and CEO, claims that the startup has been working with more than 50,000 customers, and is adding close to 1,000 customers every month. The startup’s revenue model operates on the sale of superfoods and programme membership for weight loss or lifestyle disease management.


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Apart from this, the co-founders also revealed that the earlier round of funding in January is a part of a larger ongoing funding round. Prior to this, the startup had raised its Series A funding in 2015 from Kalaari Capital.

Similar to Possible, Gurugram-based MyHealthBuddy is also providing personalised lifestyle coaching and healthy diet food to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle, reduce weight, and manage lifestyle diseases.

With the pandemic, people have now become more aware of their health and understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Speaking about future plans, Vishnu adds: “We are now confident of growing 10 per cent month-on-month. We have till now served around 50,000+ customers and we are confident we will add around one lakh more by the end of FY 2022.”

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