Barack Obama tells how he's creating the next generation of leaders with Obama Foundation

From President to startup founder, Barack Obama believes that the young generation is going to be made of leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers.

Barack Obama tells how he's creating the next generation of leaders with Obama Foundation

Wednesday September 15, 2021,

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While as the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama was responsible for the well-being of a nation, and was in charge of a bigger institution. Now, he says he is more in a startup mode. In a conversation with Hande Cilingir, Co-founder and CEO, Insider, President Obama said,

"Now, with Obama Foundation, we are thinking about creating the next generation of leaders. I am being more of a coach and it is valuable to create the next generation of leaders — to be able to help inspire, train, motivate, connect, and give a platform for young people to become the centre of attention, and help them make their way in the world."
Obama on diversity

He said the aim of the Obama Foundation is to identify great people — train and give them a platform where they can get in touch with people who can finance their ideas, and help them win and create great products and services.

President Obama added that the foundation is building an Obama Presidential Centre in Chicago, and a virtual platform where millions of young people can study curriculum and develop skills online.

"Human progress comes from new ideas, perspectives that can solve the big problems we face. And it is the young people who can achieve that. They are imaginative, hopeful, idealistic, sophisticated, aware of the world, more tech-savvy, and more entrepreneurial. More than just finding a job, they want to be part of creation and making things. They look at things differently; they believe deeply in public life but are sceptical of political parties. They are cynical of big businesses, but not startups. They will be responsible for remaking many institutions," said Obama.

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Edited by Kanishk Singh