How Wellness Packages on Spotify helps brands meet their audiences at moments of self-care

How Wellness Packages on Spotify helps brands meet their audiences at moments of self-care

Tuesday September 21, 2021,

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For many in the imposed quarantine, music was almost therapeutic. Most people have a particular music that can change their mood. 45 percent of Spotify Free users are streaming more because of the pandemic and it shows in moments that are necessary for sustaining their wellbeing.

More people have prioritised their physical and mental health in the last 18 months by indulging in self-care more than ever. And amid all this, music became an important way of dealing with anxiety, distance, and change.

This included parents who played music to put their kids to bed, fitness enthusiasts who created workout playlists, listeners who created and listened to more 'chill' music playlists to unwind.

We are all creatures of habit and the changed work-life dynamic has even altered regular routines set for health and wellness. Listeners are likely stepping away from their work and taking time to reset, whether that’s through movement, guided meditations, or podcasts that help them tap into their wellbeing.

Wellness Packages on Spotify let brands reach out to listeners across different routines of wellness through the day. Spotify listeners embrace self-care, and for brands, this represents a unique opportunity to meet their audience in those moments.

Listeners care about self-care

In 2020, ‘Chill’ was the #2 moment for Spotify listeners in India and 53 percent of those streaming the chill moment were between the ages of 18 to 242. In 2021, Spotify India users have spent 5.5 million minutes – that’s almost 10,000 hours – in chill, sleep, workout and wellness hubs, so far2. This is consistent throughout the week making it a part of their everyday routine.

Self-care moments such as chill, sleep and workout constitute 27 percent of total streams on Spotify3.

A key part of self-care is sleep and it’s no wonder that sleep is one of the top three most searched-for moments on Spotify that users like to soundtrack3.

Being a part of the wellness journey

The second half of the workday is usually considered low access for advertisers.

But, at Spotify, core engagement for self-care moments peaks between 2 pm to 7 pm, reaching listeners at a time when they’re typically unavailable for other forms of advertising.

Types of Wellness Packages

Each Wellness Package has been carefully curated to get your brand closer to the listener’s self-care moment. You can reach your audience in moments that matter by targeting based on their playlist affinities, podcast preferences, past behavior, and genre-targeting.

With the Rest & Relaxation Package, your brand can reach listeners as they put their mind and bodies at ease during different times of the day. Get your message out early in the morning between 6 am to 9 am, an hour in the evening between 6 pm and7 pm and then again from 9 pm to midnight. Reach out with playlists and podcasts Spotify listeners believe set the tone for that time of the day, moment and setting. Rest assured.

The Movement Package is for brands that want to make the right move towards listeners who love to move and workout. From yoga and sports to high-tempo workouts, get your brand heard from 6 am to 10 am and 6 pm to 9 pm with playlists and podcasts Spotify listeners trust to get them moving.

The Ultimate Care Package combines both the Rest & Relaxation and Movement packages and brings your brand closer to Spotify listeners who love to experience all aspects of self-care. Engage with them from 6 am to 10 am as they get set for the day and then again from 6 pm to midnight as they relax and unwind.

For more on the packages, write to Spotify at [email protected] to get in touch with the client support team.


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