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Meet India’s top content creators at TechSparks 2021

This year at TechSparks 2021, slated to be held from October 25 to 30, hear from some of the best Indian content creators on their take on this growing trend in India.

Meet India’s top content creators at TechSparks 2021

Saturday October 23, 2021 , 4 min Read

Good Morning,

In these times of the “hustle or die” culture, everyone with a smartphone is a creator.

From streamers on YouTube and other platforms, producers and content creators on OTT platforms, and influencers on Instagram to Snapchatters, tastemakers on short video apps, video producers, and bloggers —  India’s content creator guild is creating tidal waves everywhere. 

Content creators are leading not just conversations around up and coming brands and home businesses but also around issues that concern their demographic, including LGBTQIA+ rights, equal employment opportunities, body positivity, financial independence, etc. —  topics that millennials are most passionate about.

This year at TechSparks 2021, slated to be held from October 25 to 30, hear from some of the best Indian content creators on their take on this growing trend in India, including:

  • Chef Sanjyot Keer, Founder of Your Food Lab
  • Focused Indian aka Karan Sonawane
  • Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha and Niyati Mavinkurve aka Abhi&Niyu
  • Vishakha Fulsunge aka RiderGirl Vishakha
  • Standup comedian Aanchal Agrawal
  • Neha Nagar, Founder of Taxation Help
  • Shraddha Gurung aka LilMissGurung
  • Tarini Shah
  • Niharika NM
  • BeYouNick aka Nikung Lotia

And many more…

Join us to be a part of an immersive, inspiring, and unique experience with startup awards, product launches, policy discussions, and masterclasses. You can sign up for updates on TechSparks 2021 or express your interest in partnerships and speaker opportunities here.

Check out the TechSparks 2021 calendar for the line-up of action-packed sessions.

The Interview

A good team and great partnerships are vital for success in sports and business. Many such similarities between the two seemingly opposite fields are explored on Startup Spin — a show that brings out an unknown side of some of the biggest names in the business.

Editor’s Pick: Meet child author Abhijita Gupta

She’s only eight years old and has already authored three books. Class 3 student Abhijita Gupta has done what many adults dream of doing “someday”. The girl, who became a published author at age seven, released her third book, To Begin With the Little Things, on October 9.

Her first two books, Happiness All Around and We Will Surely Sustain, were released in November last year and February this year, respectively. All three — published by Invincible Publishers — are collections of short stories and poems. Read more.

Abhijita Gupta along with her books

Startup Spotlight

Inside Y Combinator-backed cloud kitchen startup Nino Foods

The food and hospitality industry was one of the worst-hit during the pandemic. With unpredictable lockdowns and due to the fear of contracting the virus, consumers were not willing to venture out for brunches and dinners. 

This is when Nishant Jhaveri, an MBA graduate from INSEAD, and business consultant Pranav Mehra, founded Nino Foods in August 2020 as a cloud kitchen startup, catering to premium customers willing to spend Rs 800 to Rs 1,000 on their food. Read more.

Nino Foods

Credit: YourStory Design

News & Updates

Before you go, stay inspired with… 

Nikunj Lotia

Nikunj Lotia also known as Be You Nick

“I travel. I listen to people. I look around for inspiration. I just talk to a lot of people. Everybody has their own stories. I have my own stories. My life is way funnier than the content that I make, and that’s why people can relate to it.” 

Nikunj Lotia aka Be YouNick, YouTuber

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