Data-driven mentorship: Talent development for the future

India needs rapid GDP growth to create at least 90 million non-farm jobs by 2030, which concludes that reskilling would be a necessity in the near future.

Data-driven mentorship: Talent development for the future

Thursday November 04, 2021,

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The pandemic has changed the entire job market with current jobs becoming obsolete while new ones are bringing more opportunities for freshers and early professionals.

On one hand, this has improved the employment rate in the industry and raised the competition in the market with recruiters looking for the best and relevant talent. 

But this talent is a waste if a youth is judged based on their resume and merit alone. Mark sheets do not define the true potential of an individual.

To ensure that only the most talented are recruited, the right means of selection is required that is data-driven and finds the most potential among the candidates. This is possible when the best mentors are available to analyse the potential of the youth and guide them to the right path.

For these freshers, such a change in the recruitment process is enough to encourage them to upskill themselves with help from the best mentor professionals in the industry.

Even for early professionals, this is the right time to reskill themselves and snatch up the opportunity to grow exponentially solely based on their talent and potential.  

Need for data-driven mentorship

Certain critical skills are necessitated in the higher academics and industries that must be inculcated in a youth’s personal and academic profile. This is because everyone needs certain talent within the team that contributes to the projects effectively.

Hence, they look for those special skills that match their needs. Therefore, every youth must be ready with their skill sets to face the competitive world.

For most freshers, this has become a challenge to understand what is the right way to close the skills gap. That is where professional mentors and industrial experts help.

They help you analyse your current standing through a series of aptitude, psychometric tests, prior curricular activities, and merit, along with interests, personality, passion, and so on. This data helps a mentor shortlist future options and possible skills freshers can focus on to achieve their higher professional goals.

To avoid biased opinions, the data-focused mentor would take the time to find the right match for your personality before suggesting the most appropriate path. Hence, data-driven mentorship being the more successful option is the need of the hour to promote talent development for the future.

Talent development of the future

There is an abundance of data that is left unutilised or improperly interpreted to utilise for maximum benefit. Here, technology takes over to ensure maximum benefit is squeezed out of every bit of data.

With AI and Prediction Engines in existence, smart choice recommendations would enable better future possibilities. This is the unbiased system that can take the world by the storm if brought into execution in every aspect of education.

Think of the way Google reads your preferences — through clicks and likes on the internet — and recommends similar links. This is exactly the case for choosing the right skill set for the future through profile analysis by mentors.

With technology backing the mentors today, your mentorship process will flow through smoothly and provide you with smartly recommended solutions that will be best for your future.

Future opportunities

The future of the job market is unpredictable. But the one thing that can ensure your place in the right industry is the reskilling, upskilling, talent, and development model. With this, freshers can find the job of their dreams in the industry of their choice with the soft skills at the priority.

While the early and current professionals can retain their place effectively and even find new opportunities to grow.

Institutions and companies are stuck in their prior ways of employing talent based on merit. But with changing times, the future sees those industries looking for the best talent to compete effectively in the market.

Youth and early professionals require the right mentor who utilises their current standing, analyses their requirements, and helps them to upskill and reskill to gain the right standing in the future. This talent development model is the future and mentorship is the right way to achieve it.

Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta

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