Omnichannel messaging: Connect with customers on their preferred channels, within one platform

Omnichannel messaging: Connect with customers on their preferred channels, within one platform

Wednesday November 24, 2021,

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The pandemic made social distanced living our new normal. As the world was locked indoors, most of us relied on our mobile devices to keep in touch so much so that today, all we need is our phone to get work done. Food delivery taking time? You end up chatting with the restaurant. Need to book a cab urgently? You drop a text.

While technology always played a critical role in the way we communicated, the pandemic accelerated the process and ensured that brands too gave the customer what they wanted - personalised attention. And that’s how conversational commerce helps. It bridges the gap between customers and brands through digital communication platforms and tools.

Today’s online customer expects efficient communication with their favourite brands on their preferred channels and devices. They expect personalised responses and they want it quick. A phone call is no longer the ideal mode of communication and brands need to do more than reach out through siloed communication methods like emails, calls and SMS. For the past few years, has been leveraging superior customer experience (CX) through their solutions. As customer 2.0 turns solely to the conversational channels they already use in their daily life, be it SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram Messaging, Apple Business Chat or anything else, the team at has tools for brands to make the most out of each of them.


Integrating conversational channels with omnichannel messaging

Every brand has the same list of priorities - being accessible to customers on their most preferred channels to optimise quality service, increase brand engagement, improve CX, and reduce pressure on customer care agents. The easiest way to achieve these goals is by seamlessly communicating with customers across multiple channels, wherein these channels are able to interact with each other. Adopting an omnichannel messaging strategy doesn’t just help brands with the aforementioned list of goals, but also improves cost savings and promotes improving CSAT scores.

The goal of omnichannel messaging is simple: to keep the conversation continuous, even as the customer switches between platforms. Unlike traditional single-channel or multichannel communication, this provides them the ability to pick and choose which conversational channel to converse on, and gives customers more control during the experience. Through this strategy, an SMS can direct customers to a web page, or a voice call IVR can lead them to a WhatsApp Chat. As it lets brands integrate different channels into one conversation, CX becomes truly seamless.

The edge lets brands connect with customers on platforms of their choice, within a single powerful platform – Mobile Marketing Cloud. Their integrated platform provides access to multiple channels. With as a brand’s CPaaS (communications platform-as-a-service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) partner, the possibilities are endless. Brands can send automated updates via SMS, a chatbot response on WhatsApp Business, or get in an agent when the conversation requires a human touch. aims to ensure that each customer interaction is continuous and is not a series of one-offs. For them, the customer is always at the centre and that’s why a conversational messaging strategy with an omnichannel offering isn’t optional for today’s digital native brands.

With, a brand gets significant advantages like seamless integration across the board with API and software solutions, global reach which means faster messaging, more safety and compliance to local legislation, simplified communications, real-time reporting and analytics for data-driven decisions and extra time for brands to focus on their business.

Brands can access multiple channels through’s Business Messaging API or their software solutions such as:

Business Messaging API: This enables brands to stay connected to their customers on their preferred messaging channels. Their API brings together all communication channels and enables large volumes of two-way messaging on a global scale.

Mobile Marketing Cloud: This unifies all data sources into a 360-degree customer profile. It is the only solution that provides access to all messaging channels, enabling brands to create personalised multi-channel experiences.

Mobile Service Cloud: This is an all-in-one customer support solution for a seamless customer experience. Through this solution, customers can reach out to brands on their preferred channel. It lets the brands’ sales and support agents handle the various customer queries through a single omnichannel inbox.

If you want to leverage your business with omnichannel messaging,