With a robust technological core, healthtech unicorn Pristyn Care intends to reduce turnaround time and smoothen patient journey

The startup promises end-to-end support in the patient journey with a robust technological core. From consultation to post-surgery follow-up, technology forms an integral part of Pristyn Care’s every step and is only set to get better.

With a robust technological core, healthtech unicorn Pristyn Care intends to reduce turnaround time and smoothen patient journey

Thursday December 30, 2021,

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Pristyn Care recently made the headlines for becoming India's youngest health tech unicorn of the year. The team stated that the increased investments will be used to strengthen their services across several verticals, including their product and technology - elements that have been fundamental to Pristyn Care’s success since their inception.

Technology-driven convenience

The ever-evolving technology at Pristyn Care is fastening their process of connecting patients with expert doctors to provide a superior quality surgery experience in less turnaround time.

Pristyn Care currently works with 800+ surgical centers & 400+ expert doctors who perform surgeries for over 50 diseases across 40+ cities of India. The entire distributed ecosystem is built on rock-solid tech interventions. This has enabled Pristyn Care’s team to centrally manage thousands of patients from 40 different cities every day.

In wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company had launched “Single-Visit Safe Surgeries” for patients, aiding them to consult doctors on-call/on-video, digitally schedule their surgeries, get updates via 24/7 chatbots, at-home insurance claims processed in 30-mins, paperless hospital admission - discharge, maintain medical records via EMR. The output led to a single hospital visit of a patient for surgery, compared to ~ 5-7 visits traditionally.

Aside from end-to-end patient care, the startup has made use of technology to take care of seamless integration between their expert doctors, partner hospitals, care coordinators, and their in-house Insurance claim processing team. The engineering team has developed secured & encrypted apps and products for real-time information sharing between multiple bodies for a smooth & seamless patient experience.

Fast-paced tech enabled processes at Pristyn Care ensure that a patient gets his admission in the hospital done in under 30 mins, which usually is close to 2 hours at a typical hospital.

24/7 Helpline for Patients

Pristyn Care maintains 24x7 communication with their hospital partners to manage patients through a separate hospital app. The startup offers in-hospital IVR and chatbots for real-time complaint management. The conversation between the hospital and patient, and patient and doctors are well secured and encrypted to maintain privacy.

“We use more than 20 tech products internally to run the ecosystem. Technology has minimised a lot of human intervention and helps us focus on solving the problems in the journey of a patient,” said Gaurav Bagga, who leads Product and Engineering at Pristyn Care.

It will be fascinating to witness how Pristyn Care scales in the next few years as it prepares to further expand and enhance its technological skills with new investments.