Here’s all you need to know about FINTELLECT, the ultimate platform connecting fintech startup owners, managers, and experts from the field

Salesforce Fintech Initiative brings FINTELLECT, working as the ultimate matchmaker between fintech startup owners, managers, and experts from the field.

The Indian financial service industry is witnessing rapid growth. With fintech firms surging from the periphery into the mainstream, it's leading to a welcoming change of how scores of Indians pay, bank, borrow, invest, and insure themselves.

Thus, to champion the cause and to accumulate ideas, technological advancements, and for the betterment of customer experience, Salesforce Fintech Initiative powered by YourStory, brings FINTELLECT, a welcoming initiative, working as the ultimate platform for all the Fintech startup owners, and Managers from the Fintech Ecosystem, to exchange views, strengthen networks, and gather valuable insights from experts of the field.

The event is poised to celebrate the future of tech innovation while getting at par with its usages for the betterment of the fintech startups, and unravel what the future has in store. This event will be held on January 25, 2022. This year’s FINTELLECT would be the first of its kind, roping in insightful conversations with industry veterans and business tycoons, with one-on-one sessions between attendees and Salesforce.

These sessions will educate and empower startup owners/managers with deeper insights and resolve their doubts, opening avenues for the betterment of customer experience, opening a wider picture of how the future of fintech would look like.

So, if you are a disruptive business founder looking to scale your business, C-Suite, directors, senior managers, and managers from the fintech ecosystem, or fintech startup owners, grab your chance of gaining valuable insights from industry experts like Hitesh Sahijwala, Regional Vice-President, Finserv Business Unit, Salesforce India, Harshil Mathur, CEO & Co-Founder at Razorpay, and Bipin Preet Singh, Founder & CEO at MobiKwik.

Join us on January 25th, 2022, 3:30 PM IST onwards for this event, delving deeper into the tenets of the fintech industry and its rapid growth hacks banking on technological advancements, thereby preceding fintech onto the next level.

FINTELLECT- the first of its kind in the fintech ecosystem

Creating a buzz with its first-ever edition. FINTELLECT aims at throwing light on key aspects of the Fintech world, including:

  • Accumulating ideas, technological advancements, and betterment of customer experiences in the Fintech ecosystem.
  • Getting deeper insights with brands by leveraging technology for the betterment of the fintech startups.
  • Exchanging ideas, and gathering valuable insights from experts in the field.

The virtual event, presenting some of the best minds from the ecosystem, would have insightful, thought provoking sessions delving deeper into the tenets of the fintech world with the innovations to follow.

Can’t wait any longer? And rightfully you shouldn't because it starts in just a day! Don’t miss the opportunity that can give your business growth.


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