Learn how to build and scale a D2C brand in India

Join in to hear experts discuss strategies to build and grow a D2C brand in India, future trends, and more.

The post-COVID era witnessed a surge in brands wanting to explore the internet economy to reach out to their customers. The D2C model gained momentum in the country with thousands of new brands paving their way in the daily life of a consumer. The D2C growth story would not have been possible without the help of crucial enablers who are making it possible for brands to deliver a seamless consumer experience. From payment enablers to logistical partners, a host of factors are required to build and scale a successful D2C brand in India.

Today, all retail brands want to achieve the D2C success story to scale their business faster with limitless reach and access to first-party data.

To help and guide D2C brands achieve and scale, YourStory, in partnership with Cashfree Payments, is presenting a webinar that deep-dives into how D2C brands can leverage technology to deliver a personalised customer experience.

The virtual session is set to take place on February 17, 2022 at 4:00 PM.

What’s in store?

Experts from the D2C space will discuss different aspects that contribute to the growth of a D2C brand, along with the advantages and challenges of building a D2C brand from the ground-up. You can also look forward to gaining insights on how D2C brands can create an omnichannel customer engagement experience and develop strong brand equity.

What else is in store:

  • Learn about the key profitability areas that are essential for building a D2C success story
  • How to overcome challenges that you may face while building a D2C brand
  • Understand how you can leverage technology to its full potential
  • Learn how to reach the segment that is yet to use digital payments
  • Know all about trends that will redefine the future of the D2C ecosystem in India
  • Learn about new-age marketing strategies

Speaker Lineup

Some of the esteemed speakers at the webinar include Amar Preet Singh, Co-founder and COO, Neeman's; Ganesh Balakrishnan, Co-founder and CBO, Flatheads; Gaurav Singh Kushwaha, Founder and CEO, Bluestone; and Manmeet Singh, Director - Growth, Cashfree Payments.

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The evolving D2C ecosystem and the industry estimation of $100 billion market growth in the upcoming years has put India in the global spotlight. This is the best time for you to take your brand to the next chapter of growth.


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