Learn how to build a data universe for reliable business decision making

Industry experts come together to discuss trends and solutions that make the best possible use of decision intelligence to deliver successful business outcomes.

Organisations have been harnessing data for the last ten years to drive business growth and performance. From providing a hyper-personalised consumer experience to other key decisions, data has empowered organisations to become customer-centric and optimise profitability.

However, in the current day and age, digital transformation has caused an explosion of data. Businesses are sitting on a trove of data waiting to be utilised. The businesses that can operationalize data into actionable insights will be the winners in this competitive landscape.

That’s why market leaders across industries are increasingly shifting their focus from being data-driven to being driven by ‘decision intelligence’. Decision intelligence here refers to the trends and solutions that businesses leverage to achieve a higher return on their data investments. With a tailored decision intelligence solution, businesses can capitalise on their ‘data universe’ to unlock in-depth insights, reveal patterns that positively influence business decisions and customer spends.

Leveraging Decision Intelligence for Org Performance

To guide you on building your organisational data universe , YourStory, in association with Lumenore is hosting a live panel discussion on ‘Building a Data Universe for Reliable Decision-Making’. The session will deep-dive into the nuances of decision intelligence, trends and solutions to increase data efficacy, and more.

Lumenore is a powerful BI and analytics platform that delivers tailored, decision intelligence solutions with the power of AI, natural language querying, and predictive analytics. The platform assists organisations in building a data universe that delivers critical organisational intelligence to power overall growth and business performance.

Businesses get a transparent picture of their operations across functions with Lumenore. The end-to-end BI platform allows for an intuitive, democratised understanding of data - reducing reliance on specialised data teams and providing more autonomy to users who can make data-driven decisions without having to code.

The live panel discussion is scheduled for 3PM on Wed, March 30th.

What to expect?

  • AI-driven solutions to provide intelligence to automate data-insights generation across teams.
  • How to implement cost-effective analytics (industry-driven analytics and services) for small-scale and large-scale companies.
  • Employing predictive analytics and conversational intelligence to obtain a clear picture of business operation, growth, and economic benefits.
  • Text and voice-based systems to collaborate with teams and clients for easier and quicker access to in-depth information.
  • Understanding pipeline engineering experiments with pre-built connectors to give users access to their repository of organisational intelligence.

Speaker Lineup

The panel discussion will feature Varun Gaur, Associate Vice President, Product Management, Lumenore along with CTOs, senior business leaders, and tech and engineering experts from the startup ecosystem.

Register now!

Be a part of this live panel discussion to understand the true potential of data in making impactful business decisions, improving the consumer experience, and growing the business successfully. Also, learn about AI-powered decision intelligence solutions that will help you streamline data across silos, and take your business to the next level of growth.


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