Channel your inner sportsperson to dominate the BHIVE Premier League

After having launched a football and cricket turf in Bengaluru’s largest coworking space, BHIVE now invites startups from across the city to come and participate in the BHIVE Premier League, a sports competition that aims to promote employee wellness and community building.

Successful teams are forged by proper coordination and cooperation, and what’s better than cricket to unite people and inspire them to give it their best shot? Although community engagement has always been a part of individuals’ professional lives, the pandemic forced this aspect out of their lives due to lockdowns and restrictions.

Now, Bengaluru’s oldest and largest coworking space is giving employees across the city a chance to experience community events/community building through a one-of-its-kind sports league after two long years and invites them to connect with people from other startups through the BHIVE Premier League.

Recently, BHIVE launched the largest coworking space in Bengaluru at the AKR Tech Park in HSR Layout, dubbed as the ‘mini silicon valley’. With features like seating space for more than 3500 people, koi ponds, a Sky Bridge Smoking zone, barbeque stations, customised bar counters for office parties called the A Zone, and a garden cafeteria, this facility houses the Unicorn Garden that has enabled BHIVE to position itself as the most prominent brand in HSR Layout. If the coworking space’s features fascinate you, you can experience the one-of-a-kind work environment with BHIVE Day Pass that allows you to make yourself comfortable and access the benefits on the campus for one day.

To add to its prominence, BHIVE is now launching Bengaluru’s first coworking sports zone called BHIVE Sports Zone at the same property. In order to promote the sports zone and encourage employee wellness among startups, BHIVE is hosting a sports league called the BHIVE Premier League where employees can participate and also get a feel of what a coworking campus experience feels like.

From BHIVE's office, Mafer Gonzalez says, "To make your workplace more exciting, BHIVE presents a one-of-a-kind coworking campus that houses many entertainment and recreational facilities. To experience this unique offering, BHIVE would love to host you as a part of our inaugural sports series, the BHIVE Premier League."

Work hard, play hard, party harder

BHIVE CEO Shesh Paplikar says, “After having launched multiple BHIVE Workspace locations across Bengaluru, we wanted to take the game to the next level by giving people a taste of how a coworking campus feels like. We decided to bring the BHIVE difference, so instead of making this as a standard corporate-ish office campus, we have added the BHIVE's signature way of working by adding the very first box cricket/football zone in coworking space, BBQ for spending casual time, a permanent stage where live performances would be organised on a regular basis, and many more things that will truly make our property the go-to startup hub in Bengaluru."

The first edition of the BHIVE Premier League will feature a sport that is more than just a sport in India - cricket. Everyone in India aspires to play like a Dhoni, Kohli, or Bumrah, and BHIVE is giving employees from startups in Bengaluru an opportunity to channel their inner cricketers with a box cricket competition named BHIVE Cricket Premier League.

Apart from the tournament, BHIVE will also inaugurate the Unicorn Garden on March 5, which will feature a Wall Of Fame that will recognise and honour founders of unicorn startups and will be similar to the ones in the Hollywood Boulevard and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. BHIVE has invited several unicorn founders to visit the garden and imprint their handprints like in Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. With this step, BHIVE aims to create a vision board of the future that will inspire and motivate current and future founders to mark their presence in the Unicorn Garden.

About the tournament

BHIVE Cricket Premier League will be held from March 4 to 18 and looks forward to featuring startups from all over Bengaluru. The competition is open to everyone and features activities other than cricket such as tug of war, music, dance, and more. Soon after the inaugural edition of the cricket league, BHIVE is looking to amp up the excitement by hosting a football league.

As for the cricket tournament, the rules are pretty simple. Each team can play 6 players in a match that will feature 6 overs per side. One unique rule that makes the cut to the tournament is that the runs scored by the batsmen will be valid only if they bat with one leg inside the crease before the ball is delivered.

In box cricket matches, the ball usually hits the wall and roof frequently, in case of which the batsmen will be awarded 1 run, but if a fielder catches the ball with one hand after it hits the roof/wall, the batsman will be adjudged out. The rest of the rules are pretty cut and dry and are synonymous with the actual rules of cricket.

In terms of registration for the tournament, BHIVE is offering early registrants a chance to play friendly matches in the BHIVE Sports Zone from February 18 to March 3 and give themselves a chance to get the feel of the turf.

If you feel that you are a part of a good cricket team that can dominate all the cricket teams existing in the startup sphere in Bengaluru, head over to the BHIVE Cricket Premier League’s official website and register yourself for this exciting tournament!


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