‘India is uniquely positioned to become a leading hub for global app innovation' – 25 quotes on the India business opportunity

From agriculture to apps, witness the business trends in India through these quotes, excerpts and stories!

‘India is uniquely positioned to become a leading hub for global app innovation' – 25 quotes on the India business opportunity

Thursday March 10, 2022,

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Startups and unicorns have been the cornerstone of India’s economic growth story, particularly in the past two years. - Manoj Ladwa, India Global Forum

The startup ecosystem, which is flourishing in India, will play a key role in creating multiple opportunities for venture debt to scale further. - Ishpreet Singh Gandhi, Stride Ventures

Today, India is uniquely positioned to become a leading hub for global app innovation with tremendous opportunity for Indian startups across the country. - Purnima Kochikar, Google

The creator economy in the country has the potential to emerge as a soft-power impacting economic growth, job creation, and even cultural influence. - Ajay Vidyasagar, YouTube

The support from the government to set up a task force for the animation, visual effects, gaming, and comics sectors are boosting the sentiment of the investments. - Navkiran Singh, Baazi Games

The Indian textile sector is one of the oldest industries in the country, contributing about 2 percent of GDP and employing over 45 million people. It is a space that is ripe for digital transformation. - Ranjith Menon, Chiratae Ventures

OEMs with global origins are far more aware of the dangers of cyber-attack realities and bringing cyber protection even to their Indian products. - Vishal Bajpai, Secure Things


In the US and China, there may be 20 large verticals, which are billion-dollar-plus. [But] in India, there are hardly four [such] verticals. - Dinesh Agarwal, IndiaMART

India has laid the foundation for a well-positioned market for quick commerce adoption. A large pie is at stake. - Abhishek Gupta, RedSeer

By 2025, India’s ecommerce market is expected to cross $200 billion, and there would be nearly 340 million ecommerce customers. - Nikhil Vora, Sixth Sense Ventures

Considering only a minuscule 3.33 percent of India’s 900 million registered bank customers hold credit cards, BNPL has tremendous scope to leverage the untapped potential for credit. - Nitya Sharma, Simpl

MSME players would have financing issues, delays in shipments, damage of consignments, their profit and loss could get affected and more. - Uday Narang, Omega Bright Steel

A lot of small-town students have to move to bigger cities to be able to find help for preparation for the exams they are taking. - Himanshu Gautam, Safalta

Many talented students do not apply to good universities because they worry about burdening their parents with high costs of fees and living expenses. - Prashant Bhonsle, Kuhoo


More accurate information on health facilities and service providers will empower individuals to make informed decisions and increase the accountability of healthcare providers. - Harsh Parikh, DRiefcase

There are about 70 million patients in India living with undiagnosed genetic diseases and more than 1.6 million children are born every year with a genetic defect. - Tony Jose, Clevergene

There’s a big difference between sex in India 10 years ago and now, especially over the last three years. - Raj Armani, IMBesharam

Solutions to men’s health problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or even hair loss have been largely disorganised and serviced by quacks and Unani practitioners where the users get a hush-hush solution that never works. - Rajat Jadhav, Bold Care

In a vast country like India where different types of food are available every few kilometres, local food is a key part of people’s cultural identity. - Vineesh Chadha, INaMinute

Disruption in India’s food and agriculture will evolve from traditional agriculture to new farming models, advanced agritech services, and new food products. - Parijat Jain, Bain

The so-called reform movements and eco-friendly products were either heavy on the pocket or confined in terms of their reach. - Surabhi Shah, Carragreen


There are approximately 6.3 crore micro, small, and medium enterprises in India out of which women run about 80 lakh businesses. - Vikas Varma, Mastercard

Being financially independent is an important goal for women of all backgrounds. - Utkrishta Kumar, Meesho

At present, nearly 90 percent of the people from the disabled community are employed in the informal sector, lacking major benefits, perks, etc. - Prateek Madhav, ATF

You need to bring as many touchpoints as possible to be relevant to the masses. - Vaibhav Singh, Visit Health

The moment you move beyond urban settlements, everybody speaks a dialect. - Vinay Singhal, Stage

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