Edtech startups go hybrid

If 2020 was the year of edtech, now is the time for its reckoning, especially as the pandemic recedes and offline educational institutes reopen. The likes of BYJU’S, Unacademy, and others are already looking at a hybrid model.

Edtech startups go hybrid

Friday May 20, 2022,

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The nationwide lockdown in March 2020 led to edtech’s stellar rise—in startups as well as users. That year, edtech startups in India raised a record $2.2 billion, with the momentum spilling over to 2021 as well.

However, with offline education institutions reopening once again, online-first edtech startups are reinventing themselves by moving to a hybrid model.

Last year, BYJU'S launched 37 offline centres across Tier I and II cities to cater to students from Classes 4 to 10. This year, the edtech giant plans to launch 500 more across 200 cities.

Unacademy too launched Unacademy Centres to offer offline classes for competitive exams, as well as foundation courses for high school students. In fact, even Vedantu is allegedly moving to a hybrid model. 

What does it mean for edtech and the education sector as a whole? Read more.

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