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YourStory is proud to present Paysa 2022, a two-day virtual BFSI/fintech event, on June 10 and 11, where we speak with the country’s foremost finance leaders, innovators, and game-changers about our relationship with money and how it’s changing paradigms.

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Saturday May 21, 2022,

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Hello Readers,

Over the last few years, India’s relationship with money has changed drastically—how we earn, spend, invest—and nothing says more about this than the burgeoning fintech sector in the country.

At $31 billion today, India’s fintech market is set to hit $150 billion in the next three years—one of the fastest-growing in the world—with adoption rates much higher than the global average.

The segment is so ahead of the curve in India that international markets are studying homegrown payment models such as the Unified Payments Interface (UPI).

To understand this growth and the factors behind it, YourStory presents Paysa 2022—a two-day event on June 10-11—with the best minds in the segment,

Our agenda is simple: Decoding India’s relation with money and technology.

Click here for more details on Paysa 2022.

Editor’s Pick: Turning Point

AI (artificial intelligence)-driven credit-led wellness platform CASHe says it makes lending simpler, faster, and safer for the social generation. In this week’s Turning Point series, YourStory takes a closer look at the Mumbai-based startup’s business and the “secret sauce” behind its success. Read more


Startup Spotlight

Revamping kiranas

The lockdowns induced by the COVID-19 pandemic became a jumping board for online grocery startups. However, many grocery retail markets in Tier-III+ areas were left out.

Enter SuperK, a tech-enabled franchised grocery retail chain that is present in over 30 towns across three districts of Andhra Pradesh. Read more.

Startup Snapshot, SuperK

Top Stories of the Week

  • The pandemic-induced lockdowns turned out to be a blessing in disguise for online education, with edtech startups seeing unprecedented growth. However, with schools opening up and education returning to the "old normal", these startups are now reinventing themselves.

  • Layoffs are not easy for anyone. Yet, they are a part of the work cycle as much as anything else. YourStory spoke to founders to understand how they deal with losing employees and how everyone can sail through a not-so-great situation.

  • Bengaluru's water shortage prompted childhood friends Irthu Suresh and Nakul Reddy to build a decentralised marketplace dedicated to conserving water. The result was Atlantis, a peer-to-peer (P2P) water management project.

  • Gautam Saraogi noticed that there was a gap in the women's wear market, and started GoColors to offer bottom wear. While the company started slow, it closed the last financial year at Rs 401.31 crore turnover, and had a stellar debut on the stock exchanges.

  • One of the hindrances to the adoption of electric vehicles in India is the lack of charger standardisation. Father-son duo Sanskar Patel and Arth Patel decided to try to solve this and launched Tirex Transmission Pvt. Ltd. in 2017 to design and manufacture advanced AC and DC chargers for EVs.

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Kavya Saxena
You don’t need funds, or even people to tell you what to do. All you need is the will to take that first step and just start.

- Kavya Saxena, founder, Craftpotli

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