Obamas lock podcast deal with Audible after Spotify exit

Former US president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle's media company Higher Ground has signed a new deal with Amazon-owned Audible.

Former US president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama have decided to sign a deal with Amazon-owned Audible after Spotify declined to renew their relationship. Under their previous three-year contract with Spotify, the Obamas made a series of podcasts for the streaming giant.

According to Reuters, the new deal with Audible is not an exclusive contract, but rather a first look advantage. For any new content planned by Higher Ground, the Amazon subsidiary will get first rights to publish.

Under their previous contract with Spotify, signed in 2019, Higher Ground produced a series of podcast shows including "The Michelle Obama Podcast", the "Born In The USA" podcast, and a series of conversations between the former president and musician Bruce Springsteen.

However, Spotify declined to renew their contract as reported in April, forcing Higher Ground to find a new partner. Their negotiations with other platforms have reportedly been in the tens of millions, which would make it among the most lucrative podcasting deals.

However, details of their deal with Audible have not been disclosed yet.

Edited by Teja Lele Desai