Join us for D2C Carwaan - a journey to explore emerging D2C brands across the nation

After two successful meetups in Chennai and Jaipur, D2C Carwaan is all set to be held in Hyderabad on July 15, 2022 .The event will bring together entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders from the D2c ecosystem to interact, connect, and network with D2C brands from across the country.

Join us for D2C Carwaan - a journey to explore emerging D2C brands across the nation

Monday July 11, 2022,

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The pandemic-powered growth of e-commerce companies also led to the emergence of a lot of D2C brands across the nation. In the last few years, the growth has been unprecedented and extraordinary.

Expected to touch the $100 billion mark by 2025, D2C brands often enjoy great zsupport from the ecosystem partners which enables them to grow and scale. However, there is still a goldmine of undiscovered brands, especially from the Tier II cities which if supported can scale the business on a national level.

Discovering the undiscovered

In a bid to discover and support these lesser-known startups, the Brands of New India (BONI) community in association with Shiprocket is bringing another initiative – D2C Carwaan – to meet and explore the brands in other cities and invite them to be a part of the growing BONI circle.

The objective is to penetrate non-metro cities, onboard brands that hold the essence of India and connect them with other important stakeholders of ecosystem investors, enablers, mentors, and other decision-makers. The D2C Carwaan meetup also aims to give these brands a voice and help them solve the hurdles they are facing in successfully scaling their brand.

What is in store?

After successful meetups in Chennai and Jaipur, D2C Carwaan is all set to take place in Hyderabad on July 15, 2022 followed by Kolkata in August. Participants can look forward to:

1. Meeting founders, enablers, entrepreneurs, mentors, and other key stakeholders from the ecosystem.

2. Networking sessions and free interactive sessions with the experts.

3. Smaller D2C brands can connect with key ecosystem players including investors.

4. Present your product to a larger audience.

5. Workshops and sessions to address pain points for the brands in the city.

6. Be a part of the YourStory and Shiprocket network across cities.

7. Be a part of a panel discussion and share valuable insights during the event.

8.Get a chance to interact with Vishesh Khurana, Co-founder at Shiprocket.

YourStory and Shiprocket are looking to identify brands with high potential and help them in brand building as well as scaling through the D2C Carwaan meetup. Shiprocket’s association with the event brings a larger community together as the SaaS-based logistical startup is a key enabler and works closely with some of the noted D2C startups of the country. Vishesh Khurana will share his views on what it will take for D2C brands to succeed in the future.

Through D2C carwaan, there will be consistent efforts towards exploring new age D2C brands in the country. The event is also slated to take place in the cities like Ahmedabad, Kochi, Indore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Pune, Chandigarh, Goa, and Shillong.

​​Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect and interact with founders, business leaders, investors, ecosystem enablers, and other key stakeholders from the D2C space.