Shopify merchants can now integrate Paytm payment gateway to simplify checkout experience for consumers

Merchants on Shopify can now integrate Paytm as a payment gateway to provide their customers with a seamless checkout experience.

Shopify merchants can now integrate Paytm payment gateway to simplify checkout experience for consumers

Tuesday August 30, 2022,

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Trusted by millions of businesses worldwide, Shopify provides e-commerce platforms with various features to cater to ever-evolving consumer needs. One of the features that Shopify merchants can avail is that of payments apps. These are public apps distributed to merchants to be integrated with the Shopify websites. Payment apps are integrated by merchants to accept payments via wallets, cryptocurrency, bank transfers, debit cards, credit cards etc.

In a recent development, Shopify has announced to allow third-party partners to build their gateways as payment apps for Shopify merchants; and Paytm Payment gateway is also a part of this integration. This new update was announced at Shopify Unite 2021 and will allow merchants to get access to a broader range of payment methods. The idea is to keep up with the changing times and help merchants provide a seamless customer experience by allowing them to pay using their preferred payment medium.

Migrating to new payments platform

Currently, Shopify supports the Hosted Payment SDK (HPSDK) integration as a link between a merchant's payment page and Shopify’s checkout. All the HPSDK integrations involve full page redirection on the payment step of Shopify’s checkout to provide a standardised interface for all the third-party/external payment gateways.

As per the Shopify payments platform announcement, existing HPSDK integrations were deprecated. Hence, the Shopify merchants had to migrate their websites to the new platform. The impacted merchants had to install the new payment apps.

Initiated in June 2021, the new Shopify payments platform delivers a new way to integrate third-party payment gateways into Shopify Checkout, unlocking new sales growth opportunities for merchants. Powered by Shopify’s latest checkout technology, the new payments platform will help Shopify merchants in India sell more, and reach out to more people across the country.

What’s in store for Shopify merchants?

The new Shopify payments platform aims to offer an optimised merchant experience through app extensions and customised onboarding flow. With new payment methods like digital currencies coming up, the platform wants to support the merchants to respond to the changing dynamics.

Choosing the right payments gateway

Shopify now presents the merchants with a chance to integrate third-party payment apps, merchants need to choose the right platform. As India’s leading digital payments platform, Paytm provides a host of advanced features to support your payment needs. At the end of the day, what matters most for your business is to deliver a seamless checkout experience to your customers and Paytm is here to make your life easy.

Paytm has been leading the fintech space for more than a decade now and its payment gateway is one of the very essential products for online businesses in India. From easy integration to high security, fast settlement to multiple payment modes, there are multiple benefits of using it as a gateway partner. If you are a merchant on Shopify, here is a list of benefits you can avail using the Paytm payments gateway:

  • It is simple to integrate, activate, and easy to use
  • Allows your customers to use their preferred mode of payment without any hassle
  • Supports multiple payment sources
  • Uses the latest technology to keep transactions safe for you and your customers
  • Direct integration with top banks and networks in India
  • Available at an affordable pricing
  • Easy and fast checkout features are available for your customers
  • Faster settlement of payments
  • For those looking to scale their business globally, the Paytm gateway also supports international payments
  • Trusted by most leading brands of India

As a Shopify merchant, here is how you can migrate to the new Paytm’s payments platform:

1: Login to your Shopify account and then click ‘Settings’

2: Click ‘Payments’.

3: Click on Additional Payment Methods and go to ‘Search by Provider’ section

4: Search ‘Paytm Payment Gateway’ and Click on ‘ Activate’

Integrate Paytm Payment Gateway with Shopify.

1: Click on ‘Connect’.

2: Click ‘Install’.

Create your Merchant ID on Paytm Dashboard

1: After clicking on install, you will be redirected to the Paytm for Business dashboard.

2: To continue further, enter your business and bank details, and then click ‘Proceed’.

This will activate your account with an initial limit of up to Rs.50,000 per month.

Note- Although you can then start accepting payments upto a limit of Rs. 50,000 on your Shopify store using Paytm Payment Gateway, but your settlements will be on hold until the documentation is complete. You can always come back to your Paytm for Business Dashboard to complete documentation and enable settlements by clicking Upload Documents.

3: Now go back to the Shopify panel and the Payments page looks like this. Click On Activate Paytm Payment Gateway.

4: You will get ‘ Paytm Payment Gateway Activated ‘ message on the screen