IIM Lucknow Enterprise Incubation Centre

IIM Lucknow Enterprise Incubation Centre

IIM Lucknow EIC’s certification based Pre-Incubation Program to kick start from September 23,2022

Designed for budding entrepreneurs, the online course covers 12 topics ranging from business and finance, design thinking, idea, sales, and marketing, to presentation and communication skills.

IIM Lucknow EIC’s certification based Pre-Incubation Program to kick start from September 23,2022

Friday September 09, 2022,

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IIM Lucknow Enterprise Incubation Centre (IIML EIC), in collaboration with Silicon Valley based startup Moonpreneur, offers a certification based Pre-Incubation program for aspiring entrepreneurs who are keen to develop an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset. 

Global educators and business leaders will take lessons on entrepreneurship and leadership fundamentals. The program is slated for inception on September 23, 2022, with sessions to be held every week on Thursday from 7-8:30 PM.

About the program 

The Pre-Incubation Program is an online course for aspiring entrepreneurs, where participants are divided into groups of five students along with a dedicated mentor. Each group works on the mutually agreed problem statement under the guidance of their respective mentor. There are 12 topics in the Pre-Incubation program covering aspects such as Business and Finance, Design thinking, Idea, Sales and Marketing, and presentation with communication skills. These sessions would be delivered by IIM Lucknow faculty and Silicon Valley based Industry Experts to help the students work on their ideas & pitches, which they would have to prepare and present in a video format to Jury Panel during the PitchFest, scheduled during the course.

“This Pre-Incubation Program at IIML EIC is a catalyst in developing an entrepreneurial mindset and a culture of experimentation among students and aspiring entrepreneurs. This interactive program is our contribution to the government’s Startup India Initiative where we plan to enable participants to transform their ideas into a minimum viable product and further commercialisation,” said Mr. Yamini Bhushan Pandey, MD, IIML EIC added about the program. 

As discussed earlier, this Pre-incubation program is solely for the enhancement of entrepreneurial skills among aspiring entrepreneurs. Thus, the participants would have an access to an ocean full of opportunities like:

1. Opportunity to take your idea to a venture.

2. A global stage to pitch your business idea to successful entrepreneurs and investors.

3. Joint certificate of completion from IIM Lucknow EIC & Moonpreneur.

4. Funding opportunities for potential ideas.

5. Access to IIML EIC resources, state-of-the-art Technology labs (super computer), unparalleled mentor network and industry expert connections.

6. Opportunity to get featured in the periodic newsletter of IIML EIC.

Mr. Shailesh Malhotra, MD, India Moonpreneur added “Our aim is to create awareness among young learners about the opportunities and support available to them by connecting them to the Indian and global ecosystem. A team of industry experts, entrepreneurs, and investors from Silicon Valley and the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs)/ the Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) network engages with the students through the Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development Program. When our students become problem-solvers from a young age, we not only create a self-sustaining ecosystem, but also a support system for the world. We hope to accomplish this vision by lining up support for the students in urban and rural India.”

The enrollment for the Pre-Incubation program is on, so here’s your chance to grab the opportunity and win it all, while being guided by noted global mentors & instructors.

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